Be More Self-Sufficient With Homegrown Ingredients

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Be More Self-Sufficient With Homegrown Ingredients

We are all well aware of the sheer amount of pesticides, additives and colourings that are added to goods before they make their way to the supermarket shelves. Granted, you cannot possibly source absolutely everything that you eat yourself from reliable, local suppliers. But there is a sure fire way to guarantee the quality and contents of certain bits and bobs: by growing them yourself. Home grown produce not only tastes better, as it is as fresh as possible, but you can be 100% certain of its purity. So, here are a few ideas to get you started. Be More Self-Sufficient With Homegrown Ingredients A Mum Reviews

  • Herbs

Herbs are perhaps one of the simplest things to grow yourself from home. Most prefer a sunny and light placement, but there are some that will also flourish in shady areas. You can craft a herb garden. However, these are prone to be eaten by wildlife, as they are out in the open. If you have less time to vigilantly protect your herbs or would prefer to avoid the use of pesticides on them, you can alternatively pot them indoors on your windowsill. The amount of choice available for easy growth is astounding. From perennial herbs such as thyme, oregano, mint, sage, and rosemary to annual and biennial herbs such as basil, coriander, parsley and dill. Your home cooking will never be short of flavour. Be More Self-Sufficient With Homegrown Ingredients A Mum Reviews

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes are always in demand. Think how often you purchase cherry tomatoes, beef tomatoes or vine tomatoes when you visit the supermarket. So why not save yourself some cash and take matters into your own hands. Your own tomatoes will flourish best in a high-quality green house, such as those made by swallow greenhouses. This will ensure that they have the best conditions to grow healthy and strong. You can start out with seeds or purchase a tomato plant that has already established itself. The results will taste much better than bland supermarket tomatoes. Be More Self-Sufficient With Homegrown Ingredients A Mum Reviews

  • Strawberries

Considering the high price of strawberries in the supermarket, you’d think that they are somewhat difficult to grow. But you’d be wrong. They are in fact relatively simple and can be grown in almost any location. So, whether you want to set up borders, hanging baskets or containers, there will be an option that is perfect for you. They need to be watered frequently and liquid potash feed always helps. You should also tuck straw beneath the strawberry fruits as they begin to develop. This will prevent them from rotting in the soil. The fresh fruit will be sweet and delicious, perfect for homemade jams, toppings for cereal or desserts or eaten alone. Be More Self-Sufficient With Homegrown Ingredients A Mum Reviews

  • Chillies

Add a little spice to your life by growing your own hot and spicy chili peppers. Early sowing is key to ensuring that they ripen sufficiently by summer, so start planting in January and February. You can know how hot the final chili will be by using the Scoville Heat Scale. Invest in a heated propagator or alternatively store them in a warm airing cupboard covered by a plastic bag. Keep their compost as evenly moist as possible.

These are just a few options of homegrown foodstuff that you should start growing now. You’ll save money when it comes to shopping and will really be able to taste the difference.

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