SMOKO CBD Oil & Vegan CBD Gummies Review

SMOKO CBD Oil & Vegan CBD Gummies Review A Mum Reviews

SMOKO CBD Oil & Vegan CBD Gummies Review | AD

SMOKO is a UK-based brand that has recently launched a premium range of CBD products. The range includes CBD oils and CBD gummy bears and all products are made with 100% organically grown cannabis sativa plants from sustainable independent farms in Central Oregon. The CBD is extracted using a cryogenic process to remove any THC, while keeping the CBD and its benefits. The broad-spectrum CBD is then mixed with high-quality ingredients to create SMOKO CBD Oil and SMOKO CBD Gummies. All SMOKO products are made in the UK, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free.

I love the personal connection that the co-founders of SMOKO CBD have with CBD. Daisy and Mike from the company both use their own CBD products to treat different symptoms – IBS, back pain and sciatica.

SMOKO CBD Oil & Vegan CBD Gummies Review A Mum Reviews

CBD has many different uses and I personally like to use it to manage stress, period pains, muscle pains and to help me sleep better. My personal favourite way to use CBD is CBD gummies so I was excited to try the ones from SMOKO. I was also intrigued by the SMOKO Mint Flavoured 2000mg CBD Oral Drops which is a higher strength than other CBD oils that I have tried before.

SMOKO CBD oils are high-quality, all-natural CBD oils with a high potency. Choose between a wide range of strengths and flavours to find the CBD oil that best suits your needs and that you can include in your well-being routine. I have the Mint flavour in 2000mg – I love the freshness of the mint and the oil tastes great! There’s no other aftertaste like with some brands of CBD oil. Currently there are two other flavours available, Mixed Berry and Orange, which both sound tasty too. The other available strengths are 500mg and 1000mg.

SMOKO CBD Oil & Vegan CBD Gummies Review A Mum Reviews

Next up, the CBD gummies with 25mg of CBD in each one. I find CBD gummies such an easy and convenient way to include CBD into daily life to experience its benefits. With a CBD gummy bear you know exactly how much you get so it’s easy to manage the daily intake. It’s recommended to take up to a maximum of 75mg per day which is 1 gummy three times a day or 4-5 drops of the 2000mg CBD oil above. The vegan, THC-free gummies from SMOKO come in packs of 10 mixed, colourful, and fruity flavours. They are all very tasty and I have enjoyed sampling them.

I would recommend both these CBD products from SMOKO – great quality, potency and taste!

Collaboration. Samples provided for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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