Studying Tips – How to Study Smarter

Studying Tips - How to Study Smarter A Mum Reviews

Studying Tips – How to Study Smarter

In today’s fast-paced world, the best way is to study smarter and not be more brutal. Some of you may realize that despite studying that extra hour, you are still unable to get the desired grade on your exam. Well, read the article to find out the tips you need to know if you wish to be an intelligent student in your class.

Studying Tips - How to Study Smarter A Mum Reviews

Some students end up reaching out to tutor companies to help them with their work but with a bit off effort and understanding of how to study smarter, you can do it all yourself.

Understand the Study Cycle

If you face problems organizing yourself for study and often find yourself left with less time to study for exams, then Study Cycle can be your guide. It will help you learn effectively. It will set a pattern for your daily learning, making you a smart learner. Frank Christ developed the study cycle. It is a scheme for studying that is made up of interrelated components and can help you become an intelligent learner. Study Cycle involves:

  • Previewing- study a little before the lecture;
  • Attending classes regularly ;
  • Reviewing- revise what you have learned during the lecture;
  • Studying;
  • Check your understanding.

All these stages mentioned above are check boxes one needs to tick for effective learning. Most of the students would be aware of these steps, but it is essential to follow the cycle and not skip any step. You may be thinking after the class, I will do my work quickly to get rid of the task, and for that, you might skip the step of reviewing what you had studied in the class. It will surely not be beneficial as you may not be able to write the essay according to the requirements set by your lecturer. Hence following each step of the cycle is the key. Every stage boosts your learning capability and makes you a better learner. Study Cycle is an intelligent tool for smart learning.

Practice tests are a great way to study and prepare for a real test too. You can find a free ccat practice test and lots of other practice tests online.

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Sleep Well and Exercise

Understanding our body and how it works is essential to becoming a smart learner. Often students forget the golden rule to study smart not hard; this rule is the key to smart learning. As students, we usually try too hard to get good grades. We observe students sacrificing their much-needed sleep to get a few extra hours for their exam preparations during exams. It is also witnessed that students lock themselves in their room and dedicate the whole day to studying relentlessly. Ultimately in the process, they deny their body any physical activity as they feel getting involved in any physical activity will result in loss of precious time. They need to understand that healthy minds exist in healthy bodies, and pushing your bodies to the limits will not do any good. You might end up frustrated, incapable of studying effectively in the process. You must make sure you are well-fed, well-rested, and have exercised well to consume the nutritious foods to get your brain powered up. Once you have made sure that you have served your body well, you will learn better and prepare well for your exams.

Write Flash Cards

One innovative and mighty helpful way to absorb information is to write flashcards. Compared to the act of reading, your brain registers information in a better way if you write it. Flashcards are helpful as they engage you in an active recall. When you use a flashcard, you involve your brain in the act of self-reflection that boosts your memorizing skills. Writing flashcards is the answer to your question of how to study smart. It is often thought that flashcards are generally used for remembering simple facts. Still, it is an understatement as you can use them throughout your academic career, even for complex processes. A sound system to consider using flashcards is the Leitner system proposed by Sebastian Leitner, basing it on the principle of spaced repetition, which involves reviewing cards at increased intervals. This system will prove to be a great help in your endeavor to learn smartly and effectively.

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Set Goals

There are times when we want to succeed by learning well and quite often find ourselves unable to learn well and achieve the success we are aspiring for. These are times when we ask ourselves how to study smarter? An essential thing that we tend to forget at these times is that we hadn’t set clear, actionable goals for ourselves in the first place. We had the dream, but there was no set plan to achieve that dream. One needs to develop a plan to monitor productive progress, and there comes the importance of setting clear, actionable goals as they give you that all-important plan. Set goals provide you with a complete insight about how far you have come and what needs to be done next, setting a clear road map for you to follow. Once you achieve a set goal, you benefit at multiple levels, and you feel a sense of achievement and more control over your situation, which ultimately reduces study stress. Therefore setting up study goals is the way to go if you want to study smarter.

Studying Tips - How to Study Smarter A Mum Reviews

It’s Good To Be Intense

One lesson that can help you learn better in college is understanding that all learning is not equal. If you are still wondering how to study smart in college, you need to know the importance of studying intensively. Intensive study is a smart strategy that involves distributing the process of studying into multiple intense sessions. These fierce sessions usually last thirty to forty minutes, and active studying strategies are applied in these sessions. Self-testing is one effective operational studying strategy traditionally used in these sessions and does wonders in boosting your learning capability. These short, intense study sessions are a more thoughtful and more practical way of studying smartly.

Problems Are Your Friend

It is observed that students tend to avoid facing problems in their studies. Looking for ease in this regard is not the solution, and you will not end up serving yourself better if you fall into the habit of considering the problems in your study as your enemy. What is needed is to change this approach and to study harder.You need to realize that problems are not your enemy, but they are your friend. During your study, you will often understand that working problems are way better than reading theory as it exposes you more to the practical application, and you get less confused with the concept. Considering your friends’ problems is a wiser and smarter approach to learning.

Looking for smart solutions to become a smart learner will help you use your time effectively. You will also benefit by getting excellent grades as you apply these smart solutions. At the end of the day, all you need to remember is that dragging yourself is not the key. You need to act smart. 

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