Surviving Long Australia Flights – Tips to Make Your Long Flight Enjoyable

Surviving Long Australia Flights - Tips to Make Your Long Flight Enjoyable

Surviving Long Australia Flights – Tips to Make Your Long Flight Enjoyable

When you want to travel somewhere new and far, long-haul flights become inevitable. Australia is a wonderful and exotic place to visit, especially with your partner. Australia is full of exciting adventures to unlock and is a great vacation choice if you are fond of relaxing beaches and beautiful flora and fauna.

At the same time, planning a trip to Australia can be intimidating, as it takes long hours to reach the continent. This is where a little help might be useful – Travel Essence can cater to your needs and personalise your trip as per your needs! No more long Australia flights – they will plan your trip as per your needs to cut down the hours and make your trip a memorable one!

Here are some tips to make your very long flights bearable.

  1. Prepare in advance

Even if you are someone with a healthy routine, it is tough to stay put in the same place for 15-20 hours, especially on a flight. Ensure you are in good health so you can enjoy the journey – this can be done by stretching your body a bit a day before the flight. Also, consume a lot of fluids during your flight to stay hydrated.

If it’s a special trip, like your long-awaited honeymoon Australia trip, you have to be well rested and relaxed. Also, dress in relaxed and comfortable clothes – this helps you be at peace during the journey.

  1. Equip yourself

Since long flights tend to seem even longer when you are inside an aeroplane, it is better to power up all your devices. Ensure all your devices are on full charge before your journey – sometimes planes do not have power points, so this is a good move. 

Another must-bring are snacks and water. Pack some healthy stuff so you can nibble on them when you have a craving mid-flight. Stay hydrated during your flight to combat jet lag the next day.

  1. Pack your blankets and pillow

Don’t carry too many things in hand when it is a long journey, but it is a good idea to have a travel pillow and a light blanket with you. Having power naps during a long flight is one of the best ways to keep yourself relaxed and rested. With an eye mask, you can enjoy a comfortable rest, even on a long-haul flight. 

  1. Back-up entertainment is a must

Back-up entertainment is not just movies and books on your devices, also bring a hardcopy book to keep yourself occupied. Some people carry their crocheting or knitting sets with them to make use of the long hours on a flight. Think of how fun it will be to finish knitting an entire dress before you get down from your flight!


Long-haul flights can be a headache – if you are unsure how to plan your travels, let the professionals do the work for you! With Travel Essence, you can plan your personalised trips well in advance so that you can really relax and enjoy your trip to Australia!

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