The Top 6 Home Improvements To Make Before Your Baby Is Born

The Top 6 Home Improvements To Make Before Your Baby Is Born A Mum Reviews

The Top 6 Home Improvements To Make Before Your Baby Is Born

Before a baby is born, there is a lot of emphasis on the long list of things to buy to ensure the baby is safe and comfortable when the big day comes. Statistics show that new parents spend around £1300 pounds in preparation for their new arrival, and on the top ten list of purchases are items like a stair gate, video baby monitor and changing unit.

Home improvements, however, tend to mainly be focused on the babies nursery, when in fact, the lead up to the birth is probably the last chance you will get for a while to take care of various aspects of your home that could do with some attention.

Whether you are considering beginning a family or you’re expecting your first child, it really is a great idea to get as many home improvements done as you can before baby comes. At the very least your house will be comfortable and safe for your growing family and anyone with kids will tell you when you have young children doing any kind of major remodelling can be incredibly hard.

When you’re pregnant, you should avoid any DIY jobs that require chemicals or heavy lifting. Like always, you should also avoid doing jobs that you don’t have the skills to do. Leave jobs like that to the professionals, like who can help you with renovations, remodellings and custom builds around the house.

Here are six top home improvements to do before your baby is born:

1. Major Safety Issues

Baby-proofing is something you will continually do before your baby comes, and also as your baby grows. However, major safety issues in the home aren’t that simple to sort out after baby is born so should be your key home improvement focus. Any electrical, roofing, plumbing and window improvements need to be completed now. Any stairs or elevated platforms without banisters need to have banisters installed.

Even something like a mould issue can be a huge health problem and is something that needs addressing ASAP. Mould has been linked to all kinds of health issues, including serious respiratory illnesses. It is not something you want around your newborn baby. The NHS has a good starter guide for getting rid of mould and damp, although you might want to consult an expert if the issue is widespread in your home.

2. Temperature Regulation

Babies need to be kept at a regular temperature as they can’t regulate their own temperature. Part of this will involve ensuring they have the right clothing and blankets, but you will also want to have control over the heat of your home. Maybe it is time to get that boiler fixed? Maybe now is a good time to invest in that smart Leka Systems roof for the conservatory? Maybe underfloor heating is something you have a good reason to invest in now? The more control you have over the temperature of your home the better. You can find out more information about babies and regulating their temperature here.

3. Kitchen Practicalities

The kitchen is an important hub of activity when you have a baby. You wash a lot of their things in the kitchen, you prepare their milk and food, you have them sit at the table with you when you eat, and you probably spend time in there because it is easy to have everything you need on the table with you whilst baby sits at chair height next to you. Really good improvements to make to the kitchen are additional safety latches, lots of lighting options, hidden areas for any unhygienic receptacles like the bin, and plenty of space for appliances like milk warmers and sterilisers.

4. Flooring That Is Hard To Clean

You will want all flooring to be repaired, non-slip and easy to clean. If this means replacing any flooring try to think more about practicalities and less about luxury. You will spill things on the floor, your baby will spend time crawling on the floor when he or she grows. Being able to easily mop flooring is extremely handy, and a high pile carpet or expensive high maintenance floor just won’t work well when you’re looking after your family.

5. Outdoor Areas That Are Difficult To Maintain

Outdoor areas that are difficult to maintain now will become a total bugbear once you have a baby. Big lawns might seem great for older children playing football, picnics outside when the weather is nice. But whilst your baby is growing up, a lawn that needs mowing three times a week in summer is not going to be practical.

Neither are big overgrown bushes, trees, weeds between tiles and anything else that needs much attention. Consider hiring a gardener if you want to keep the garden how it is but need help, or get rid of any high maintenance areas in favour of potted plants, decking and patios. You can find useful tips on creating a more manageable garden here.

6. An Impractical Bathroom

You need a safe and clean place to bathe your baby and an impractical bathroom will not cut it. There are lots of happy memories to be made in the bathroom when you have children as bathtime becomes a time for bonding and fun, as well as an important part of the bedtime routine. Get any broken tiles repaired, replace the bathroom suite if it is old and not working as well as it should, get cabinets with locks on and plenty of storage.

You might also want to invest in some recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting as well as main lighting sources to give you plenty of options depending on when the room is being used. For example, you might want to enjoy warm baths as your pregnancy develops and dimmed lighting is very relaxing, recessed floor lighting is ideal for safe bathroom visits without having to turn on the main light in the middle of the night.

I love babies. I love being pregnant and I loved giving birth. – Sadie Frost

Preparing your home for a baby is a lot of fun, and forms part of the beautiful process of being pregnant. However, it is important to look ahead and think about life with a baby and which home improvements to make before your baby is born. The more you can get done now, the more comfortable, safe and complete your home will be for the whole family in these special years ahead.

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