Top 5 Domestic Electrical Tips

Top 5 Domestic Electrical Tips A Mum Reviews

Top 5 Domestic Electrical Tips

Roughing it in the great outdoors is fine for a week. Someone brought a torch along… Modern life isn’t survivable without electricity. Reaching for the candles during a power outage is inconvenient. Electrical fires are dangerous. Hexo Electrical Testing run a range of inspections to keep the lights on and the electricity flowing.

Let’s have a look at some domestic electrical tips to keep your family safe. They’ll help you save money too!

  • Switching Off Isn’t Enough

To save money on your electric bill and prevent accidents, unplug appliances when they aren’t in use. This is for everything, not just hair straighteners and phone chargers.

If you are going away for the week, pull the plug on the TV. TVs suck power even on standby.

Leave the fridge/freezer plugged in, of course. No one wants to arrive home to rotten food and puddles. If you are on a pay as you go meter, make sure it is topped up to keep the fridge running.

Top 5 Domestic Electrical Tips A Mum Reviews
  • Power Outages

Where there is electricity, there are power outages. Hours or even days could pass before the electrics go back on.

If this happens, keep the fridge/freezer shut. Easier said than done if you have children. Have non-chilled snacks stored in a cupboard. This keeps the food fresh if the power is out for a few hours.

While the power is still out, make sure every appliance is turned off. Where possible, unplug them. Unplugging prevents tripping the circuits when the power goes back on. Once it is on, you can plug everything back in and start reprogramming.

Keep torches, batteries, candles and lighters in the same place. Do not move them. Make sure the location is easily accessible in the dark.  

  • Fairy Lights

Battery operated decorative lights serve as emergency lights. They don’t illuminate much, but when strung over doors, they provide a basic outline to prevent disorientation. You can still trip over clutter, but you can find the exit. Wires need to be fixed to the wall. Remember that mains-operated nightlights don’t work in power outages.

Top 5 Domestic Electrical Tips A Mum Reviews
  • Check Your Meter

Stolen electricity isn’t just expensive. It is also dangerous. You don’t want to think that your neighbour would steel your electricity but it does happen.

The numbers on your meter are visible. If they aren’t matching your usage, your neighbour might be an electric thief. With the numbers located, if they move forward, all is fine. If they aren’t moving at all or going backwards, have it looked into.

Also check for loose wires and burn marks. If the meter is sending up sparks, phone the fire brigade.

  • Domestic Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical tests aren’t just for landlords and businesses; homeowners can book them too. Homebuyers have the option of a visual inspection from a trained electrician before the sale goes through.

Faulty or old wiring can result in fires. If the house has just been rewired, have it checked by an outside source. People make mistakes. Hiring the wrong electrician could be the last mistake you make so definitely take this seriously. Get a Central Scot PAT test done to make sure everything is safe before doing anything!

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Modern life runs on electricity. Save money and keep your family safe with simple electricity tips. And make sure those hair straighteners are unplugged. The heat causes fires too. Investing in proper electrician training and certification can ensure that electrical work in your home is done safely and correctly, preventing potentially dangerous mistakes and ensuring the safety of your family.

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