Top Tips for Looking after Your Teeth and Keeping them White

Looking after your teeth

Top Tips for Looking after Your Teeth and Keeping them White

Looking after your teeth properly is so important. Obviously you want to kepe them looking nice but it’s also important to practice good dental hygiene to keep your teeth and your mouth healthy.

Below are my top tips for looking after your teeth (and keeping them white too!):

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  • The Basics

The basics include brushing your teeth twice every day with a good toothbrush and flossing at least once a day too. It’s also important to have regular dental checks as part of your basic dental hygiene. How often you need to see your dentist depends on your individual needs.

Looking after your teeth
  • Products to Whiten Teeth

If keeping your teeth looking white is important to you, then choosing a toothpaste especially designed for this will help. Beverly Hills Formula have a Perfect White dental range especially for this with toothpastes, mouth wash and even toothbrushes designed to brighten your smile (available from Superdrug and Shopify).

The range includes five whitening toothpastes for different needs and two powerful mouthwashes. The 5008 Filaments toothbrushes provide 5 x the brushing power and 5 x the stain removal compared to your average toothbrush and features extra soft rounded filaments to access hard to reach areas while being gentle on enamel and gums.

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  • Keep Your Mouth Clean

Another great way to care for your teeth is to have a healthy lifestyle, cutting down on alcohol and sugar and not smoking. This will be good for your whole body!

It’s also a good idea to limit the amount of times you eat food and drink drinks other than water during the day to limit the amount of acid attacks on your teeth. Stick to the main meals and a couple of snacks instead of grazing throughout the day. Using a mouthwash or chewing sugar free gum after a meal is a good way to protect your teeth too.

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