TRX2® Review | Molecular Food Supplement & Revitalizing Lotion

Time to Boost My Hair and Get My Pre-Pregnancy Volume Back A Mum Reviews

TRX2® Review | Molecular Food Supplement & Revitalizing Lotion

Back in April, I wrote a blog post about it being time to boost my hair and get my pre-pregnancy volume back using products by TRX2®. Now it’s been three months since then and I’m back to share my experience and how I feel about my hair now.

To summarise, my hair wasn’t in great condition after two pregnancies quite close together and breastfeeding for a year for each time too and I wanted to try something to help boost my hair and see if I could get some volume and health back into my hair.TRX2® Review | Molecular Food Supplement & Revitalizing Lotion A Mum Reviews

The products I’ve been testing are:

  • TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair to boost the boosts the absorption of essential nutrients within the hair follicle to support the production of strong, healthy hair. It’s a vegetarian capsule that you take each day with your meal. You’re supposed to take three every day either all together or spread out. I believe in nourishing from within and like using supplements to improve my overall health.
  • TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion is a liquid product that you apply directly onto your scalp twice a day. It’s a blend of components that penetrate into the skin, nourishing and helping to revitalise the hair follicles. You apply 1ml morning and evening to areas that need a boost and massage it it. It’s made from natural substances that our body normally produces at sufficient levels in healthy hair but at insufficient quantities in those who experience hair thinning.

TRX2® is a unique purified blend of naturally-based ingredients (potassium chloride, branched chain amino acids and nicotinamide) and is drug-free. It’s suitable for anyone who wants younger-looking head of visibly stronger, thicker, healthy hair. It has been clinically-proven to boost the health and improve the appearance of hair. 

This was what my hair looked like a few months ago. It’s not awful but I had lots of frizzy bits on the top of my head and the overall condition of my hair looks a bit dry and lacking luster and volume. It needed a bit of TLC or TRX2®!

It can take some time to see results with TRX2® as it’s helping the growing hair that you can’t see straight away too. 10-15.7% see visual improvements in hair texture and thickness withing 1-3 months, 15-35.1% in 4-9 months and 35-49.2% in 10-18 months.

I can see that the new hair growing out is fuller and I’m gaining some volume back at the crown of my hair and it’s looking a lot less frizzy up there too which I’m very happy about.

I’ve not used any other treatments on my hair, just regular shampoo and sometimes conditioner. I found it easy to take the vitamins but, like I had predicted, using the lotion was a bit more of an effort because I have so little time to myself with my non-sleeping children.

After using the products for three months now, I can see an improvement overall as well, not just the roots. I think my hair looks healthier, bouncier, shinier and my curls are more defined too.

I don’t straighten, curl or blow-dry my hair very often at all so all the photos show my hair air dried and without styling.

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