What’s Your Kitchen Personality?

What’s Your Kitchen Personality? A Mum Reviews

What’s your kitchen personality?
The way we design and dress our home shows the type of person we are – it oozes our personal taste, especially when it comes to your kitchen. The design and everything down to your appliances can speak a thousand words about what type of cook you are.

Kitchen experts Harvey Jones are on hand to help you design your perfect kitchen to meet your demands and needs that will best suit both your lifestyle and those around you.What’s Your Kitchen Personality? A Mum Reviews

The Master Chef
Do you love creating culinary masterpieces and unique dishes for friends and family? Are you the King or Queen of hosting dinner parties? Then come on up and claim the Master Chef title.

If you love spending hours in the kitchen following recipes from your favourite chefs, knocking up lavish meals and experimenting with new ingredients and flavours, then it goes without saying that your dream kitchen will probably have the latest gadgets, utensils and appliances at the heart of the kitchen — including a hi-spec built-in oven.

A large spec fridge freezer is often a must for a Master Chef — a space to store all your fresh ingredients — as is a wine cabinet to keep your favourite tipple at the perfect temperature. A flat-fronted, easy-to-clean design is perfect for the chef that spends the majority of their time knocking up new meals. Top it with stainless steel for a real professional kitchen ‘pass’ feel or cool stone worktops for great pastry-making. What’s Your Kitchen Personality? A Mum Reviews

The Family Baker
Is your kitchen the heart of the home? A place where all the family gathers? Then it needs to be family friendly – a place that you can go to cook away the stresses of everyday life. Breakfast bars are great for family kitchens, as they can be a homework station for your little ones whilst you cook or a buffet station at a party.

At the centre of a family kitchen needs to be a table for everyone to gather at the start or end of the day to catch up. In effect, it will be an area for family to laugh, eat and make memories.

If you have little ones, then the kitchen will need to be a little safeguarded. Worktops with gentle curves will prevent sharp bumps, while you should pack your cupboards with interior solutions so that any hazards can be kept hidden away out of the reach of little hands.

Your floor is best served as a durable, easy clean and non-stick floor too, so that any spillages can be easily cleaned away just moments after they happen.

Finally, a larder, where baking goods can all be kept in one place, and plenty of internal plugs so you can leave your mixers and blenders ready to go but still out of sight are two more great investments for a Family Baker.What’s Your Kitchen Personality? A Mum Reviews

The No-Fuss Cook
If you are not committed to cooking, that’s not to say your kitchen should suffer – you can still have a beautiful kitchen that represents your personality. Or if you just simply don’t have the time to prepare and cook three-course meals every night, you’ll still need a sleek kitchen that allows you to prep quick and easy meals. A hand-painted, in-frame Shaker kitchen design is packed with plenty of time-saving devices and is both stylish and stress free.

Great appliance choices for the reluctant cook include multi-functional combination ovens with pre-set recipes, or a modern range topped with five powerful gas burners that will make quick work of stir-fries. No fuss, just great meals.

Storage should be easily accessible as well, and their position is just as important. For the No-Fuss Cook, keeping everything at hand is vital.

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