Which Flowers Do You Give for Which Occasion?

Which Flowers Do You Give for Which Occasion?

Which Flowers Do You Give for Which Occasion?

They say flowers love people. And vice versa, that is certainly true. People love flowers. It is nice to give and always nice to receive. Flowers help with a party when there is something to celebrate. And flowers give comfort when people are sad. If you know what someone’s favorite flower is, then the choice is easily made when you want to give a bunch as a gift. But what flowers do you give if you don’t know? Which flowers suit a wedding or better for a funeral? And what color do you choose?


Flowers for a wedding

There are no official rules for which flowers you should give at a wedding. If you know the bride’s favorite color, choose it. Don’t you know? Then white flowers are always a safe choice.

For a birthday

What flowers do you give for someone’s birthday? Flowers birthday is one of the most popular birthday gifts worldwide. You can first find out what the birthday person actually likes the most. During the year, pay attention to what kind of flowers your friends have in the vase. Are they romantic forests in pastel shades, colorful summer flowers or rather tighter compositions with lots of green? Buying sunflowers for someone who likes roses is a missed opportunity. And vice versa of course. On a birthday, all colors of the rainbow can actually be appropriate. Although red roses are often given by a loved one. But everyone knows that. Next to a birthday, Mother’s Day is also very popular in the market of flowers. Bloom Post delivers flowers on mothers day and said that it is one of the busiest days for flower companies.

Which Flowers Do You Give for Which Occasion?

Choosing flowers for a funeral

If someone dies, you can send flowers to the family or take the flowers to the funeral or cremation. You can choose a single flower, a funeral bouquet with ribbon or a funeral arrangement. Usually the larger mourning pieces that are placed on the coffin belong to family and dear friends. Sometimes you can put flowers by the coffin when saying goodbye at the end of the funeral. There are also no fixed rules for the color of the flowers for a funeral. But large yellow sunflowers are not appropriate here. White Lilies and other white flowers are common to give at a loss. You can order them online.

Which Flowers Do You Give for Which Occasion?

The symbolism of flowers

So there are no strict rules with flowers. Yet many flowers and colors have their own symbolism. So if you want to say more and add meaning to the flowers you give, you can delve further into that. For example, look below for a list of the colors of flowers and what they mean. If you choose flowers for someone in this way with a personal message, it reinforces the positive effect of flowers even more. 

Which Flowers Do You Give for Which Occasion?

Colors and their meaning

Different flower types have a symbolic meaning. And the color of the flowers also tells a story. Take a look at this list for inspiration.

  • White: virginity, simplicity, purity, innocence, calmness, purity and silence
  • Red: love, passion, temptation
  • Yellow: cheerfulness, glory, energy, strength
  • Orange: wealth, extroverted, optimism, fun and vitality
  • Blue: spirituality, fidelity and sincerity
  • Purple: sensuality and decadence
  • Pink: tenderness, joy, sweetness
  • Magenta: exuberance, excitement.

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