Why You Should Switch Energy Providers & Why Now Is the Best


AD | Why You Should Switch Energy Providers and Why Now Is the Best Time

It’s nearly winter and it’s getting quite cold. With the chilly weather and darker days, come the higher gas and electricity bills. Between October and March, we use 60% if our annual electricity and 75% of our annual gas which is a lot. The autumn/winter months are definitely more expensive.

If you haven’t changed your energy providers in the last year, you’ve probably been moved to a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT) which is the tariff that all energy providers move customers to once their fixed deal has ended. The SVT is one of the most expensive deals available – for an average household with a typical energy use, the SVT can cost around £300 more than the best deals available. Switching energy providers can save you hundreds of pounds each year. If you are running your own business, you should consider looking at switching business energy supplier for a cheaper rate.

Why You Should Switch Energy Providers and Why Now Is the Best Time

You may not even realise you are on an SVT as suppliers can call their tariffs anything they like. The SVT’s of some of the biggest energy suppliers are called ‘Energy Plan’, ‘Simpler Energy’ and ‘Flexible’. That may be why less than 25% of people think they are on an SVT, when there are actually 11 million UK households (40% of the total) on a Standard Variable Tariff.

We all know that we use more energy during this part of the year when the heating is on and we use more lights, but most people don’t realise just how much more they use. Look into this now and switch energy providers before the worst of the cold winter weather kicks in. There are more fun things that you can spend your money on.

Why You Should Switch Energy Providers and Why Now Is the Best Time
  • How to find the cheapest energy deal

Lots of people switch energy providers and the most popular way to do it, is to use a Price Comparison Site. There are a few issues with these sites though. Firstly, you have to do most of the work yourself by providing the data about your current tariff and usage and you have to choose from the other deals listed. Then you have to manage the actual switch yourself and then keep an eye on the market to ensure you’re still on a good deal. Another issue – and one that’s even more important if you’re trying to save money on your energy bills – is that Price Comparison Sites only show the deals that they earn commission from. Energy providers pay these sites to share their deals, so they are unlikely to include any deals they don’t earn commission from. This mean the best value tariffs are usually not included – 2 of the largest Comparison sites are currently only showing 3 out of the 10 cheapest deals.

Why You Should Switch Energy Providers and Why Now Is the Best Time

All the reasons above, mean that people are put off switching energy providers as it can all feel a bit too overwhelming and confusing but you can compare them on pa natural gas rates.

Don’t worry though, if you want to switch energy providers, it doesn’t have to be like this. Flipper was created exactly for this reason – to remove the hassle and confusion and to help people switch energy providers for a better deal and to keep them on a better energy deal too (and avoid that SVT!). Flipper’s aim is to offer their customers the biggest savings with minimal effort needed.

Why You Should Switch Energy Providers and Why Now Is the Best Time
  • How to use Flipper to help you find the best energy deal

It only takes about 5 minutes to sign up to Flipper, then they do all the work for you. They run a market check for you straight away and if they can’t find a better deal there and then, they keep checking every two weeks until they do. They do find a better deal for 95% of people within just 24 hours. When Flipper has found a better deal, they send you an email to let you know, then they manage the whole switch for you. All you need to provide is a meter reading.

After your first switch, they re-check the market every month to ensure that you’re on a good deal. They use their own clever technology which checks and compares tariff unit rates and looks at things like how long it takes to switch and any exit fees to maximise your long-term savings. Of course, Flipper keeps you posted via email on every market search they run.

Flipper also looks at customer service when choosing which suppliers to switch too, only recommending the ones with great customer service. They currently switch to 59 or the 85 suppliers available.


Even though Flipper does all the work for you, you are always in control and can set your own Switch Preferences. You can choose to only be switched to 100% green tariffs like 1 in 5 Flipper members for example and if you don’t like a new deal for any reason, you’ll not be switched over. You’re in control!

If you need any assistance or have any questions at all, Flipper has a team of award-winning energy experts that you can reach via email, live chat or the phone with a team that’s ready to answer your call without leaving you waiting. You may have had poor customer service from an energy supplier, but offering great service is a top priority for Flipper. They are rated Excellent on Trustpilot from over 3,500 reviews.

Don’t waste your money on expensive tariffs and don’t waste time on Price Comparison Sites that make you do most of the work yourself and don’t even show many of the best deals. Let Flipper do the work for you and help you switch energy providers today – all while saving you money now and in the long run.

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