10 Best Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

10 Best Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

10 Best Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine for Busy Mums

Having routines in place is the best way to make having a healthy lifestyle easier. Once you get into the habit of doing certain tasks at the same time and in the same way, they will become almost automatic. You’ll be able to focus your attention on the things that matter the most instead of thinking about what to do when and how. If you have children, it’s even more beneficial to have routines like this in place as you have even more needs to consider. Read on for the 10 best tips for a healthy morning routine.

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Tips 1-2: A Good Morning Starts the Night Before

1 – Have a good evening routine.

A healthy morning starts with a good evening routine the night before. Take the time to wind down properly in the evening so that you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. This could include having a nice cup of decaffeinated tea and reading a book, having a soothing bath with some candles, taking time to enjoy your nightly skincare routine, or snuggling up on the sofa to watch a favourite show for example. It could be anything that you enjoy and that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Follow a similar schedule each evening with a few steps where you gradually get ready for bed. This will help you fall asleep faster and will improve your sleep quality too.

2 – Prepare for the next day.

Another thing to do the night before that will hugely benefit you the next day is to prepare. By preparing what you can for the next day you are being your future friend and ensuring that you are a few steps ahead already.

Think about what the next day will look like for you. Check your calendar and make a fresh to-do list with things you need to do or want to achieve. Choose your outfit for the day and get your children’s clothing ready too – or ask them to do it themselves when they are old enough. Think about what your family is going to eat for breakfast. You can even set the table the night before if you want to. If your children have packed lunches, you can also get some of the things you need for that laid out to save a few minutes in the morning. Every little really helps during the morning rush to get everyone ready for the day. Knowing that some of your usual morning tasks have been completed should also improve your sleep.

10 Best Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

Tips 3-6: A Healthy Start to the Day

3 – Get up a Little Bit Earlier.

By getting up a little bit earlier in the morning you get some precious time back. Sure, it’s tempting to use that time for extra sleep. However, if you have gone to bed at a decent time the night before, it shouldn’t be too hard to get up in the morning. An earlier wake-up time will give you the opportunity to start the day more slowly and calmly. For mums, it’s extra beneficial to get up before your children wake up. Generally, mums get so little time on their own. Take this moment to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea and do something for you. You could read a book, meditate, or plan your day for example.

4 – Start with Good Hydration.

A morning coffee is a must for many but when you wake up after a night’s sleep, your body is dehydrated and needs water. When you sleep, your body naturally loses fluids. Additionally, it has most likely been over 8 hours since you last had something to drink. Try to get into the habit of getting a glass of water first thing to replenish your hydration levels. Then keep sipping water throughout the day too, to keep well hydrated.

5 – A Healthy Breakfast.

Next, make sure you’re energised for the day with a healthy breakfast. Having a healthy diet is a such a big part of leading a healthy life. For this reason, start the day as you mean to go on. Include wholegrains, protein, and some fresh fruit or veg. A poached egg with avocado on toast, a nourishing bowl of porridge topped with fresh fruit, or a bowl of Greek yogurt with berries and nuts are all excellent options for healthy breakfasts.

6 – Get Some Movement In.

Daily movement is another essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great idea to try to squeeze in some time for a bit of physical activity in the morning. There are many benefits of exercising early in the day. Specifically, it’s a great way to improve your mood and increase your focus and energy. It also helps you sleep better the following evening. Additionally, you are ensuring that you are getting your workout done by ticking it off your list early in the day. Great morning workout ideas include going for a walk or a run, going for a bike ride outdoors or on an exercise bike, doing stretching or mobility exercises, or following a video workout. What you can fit it will depend on your household situation, of course.

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Tips 7-8: A Smooth School Run Routine

7 – Have a Clear Getting Ready Routine.

It will make your morning easier for you and your children if you have a clear routine for getting ready in the morning. Feeling stressed in the morning is never good. Having a schedule/routine for the things that need to be done to get ready will help make the morning run more smoothly. Try to keep it the same every day to help your kids along. For example this could be the routine for the kids: wake up, go for a wee, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack your bag, brush teeth and hair, then go to school. If there’s time spare before you need to leave, there could be some playing or reading time too.

8 – Simplify Morning Tasks.

Keep everything as simple as possible and involve the kids where age-appropriate. The children can help get breakfast ready and pack their own bags, for example. Older children will be able to do their own hair and brush their teeth independently too. Have dedicated places for everything so that the kids know where to find the things they need for getting ready and for their school day.

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Tips 9-10: Starting the Work or Home Day Right

9 – Make a Plan for the Day.

You might already have a to-list that you prepared the night before, but now it’s time to make a plan. Look at your list and decide what the most important tasks are that you need to get done most urgently. Then make a schedule for the day to work out how you will fit in the things you need to do. Time blocking like this can really help your day run more smoothly.

10 – Eat the Frog.

Once you have your plan, it’s time to eat the frog. Eating the frog means that you complete the most difficult, tedious, or frustrating tasks first, before doing other tasks that you find easier or more enjoyable. These tasks are often the ones you would like to avoid doing, but by getting them done first, you get them over with. Once they’re out of the way, you don’t need to think about them anymore and can get on with the rest of your day.


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