3 Simple and Original Tips for Organising a Baby Shower Party

3 Simple and Original Tips for Organising a Baby Shower Party A Mum Reviews

3 Simple and Original Tips for Organising a Baby Shower Party

Planning a baby shower party for an expectant mother is a huge responsibility, and often it is difficult to find original ideas, so we decided to write in this article 3 practical tips for organising an outstanding baby shower party.

When a baby is due to be born, celebrating the imminent baby birth with a baby shower party has become a tradition in many countries of the world.

A baby shower is a celebration among friends and relatives, where celebrate the newest “mom to be” and give her gifts and attention.

  • Choose the right location and the new parents’ gift

Choose a place for the baby shower party thinking first of all of the pregnant mothers. The location of the baby shower must be a comfortable place, where the new mom can enjoy the party without getting too tired since the baby shower is celebrated around the eighth month of pregnancy. For instance, setting up a party marquee in your outdoor backyard can add a comfortable touch and a new experience for every homie. These are small touches, but for the new mother, it is a great relief.

The place for the baby shower party can be a garden, a rented space or your own home. You can pick the venue you prefer according to your budget. For the guests, on the other hand, the task will be to choose the gift for the new parents, you can opt for a nappies and baby shower kit or a baby rocker. When it comes to the gifts, you are spoiled for choice, but if you need advice on what to gift, you can check this article.

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  • Choose a personalized invitation card

The invitation card and the number of the invited guests to the baby shower party is relevant to any purchase you will have to make, such as the amount to order of food, drinks, and sweets. It is important to know how many guests will actually be present at the party, and like any event the invitation is the presentation card of the baby shower you are going to organise. It will be the invitation card that announces that you are organising a great baby shower, and if you want it to be elegant and refined the best option is to create a personalised baby shower invitation which can be kept by everyone as a souvenir of that special moment.

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  • Decorative elements and funny games are the key

A sweet celebration for a baby shower is provided by the decorative elements, they have the power to transform the chosen space and create the right atmosphere. Of course, people often choose classic pink or blue, but if you want to organise an original and surprising baby shower party, select a soft and sweet theme, such as an animal like a teddy bear, giraffe, panda, or butterfly. You can also decorate the place for the party with all the colours of the rainbow using balloons. And finally, prepare and organise fun games. Turning the classic game of naming cities and things into baby names or baby clothes or toys, and try to play to guess the centimetres of the belly, but also to the mime game, while focusing on the baby theme.

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