4 Benefits Of Training In The Cold

4 Benefits Of Training In The Cold A Mum Reviews

4 Benefits Of Training In The Cold

During the colder months when the temperature drops, most of us are tempted to stay inside and substitute your normal outdoor exercise for something less strenuous. However, did you know that training in the cold actually has a lot of cool advantages that you might not have previously considered? Training in cold weather provides an additional array of your physical and mental health benefits and, moreover, working out when it’s cold outside definitely helps take your fitness up a notch.

Here you’ll find four good reasons on why you should get outside and continue your training even during colder weather.

  • Cold Weather Exercise Will Be Great for Calorie Burning

Working out in the cold is considered as one of the most efficient workouts because when it’s cold the body needs to work much harder to regulate its core temperature among the elements and keep the body warm. As your body works hard to stay warm, in turn, raising your metabolism, you’ll burn a few more calories compared to one conducted indoors.

Moreover, during colder months your body is programmed to keep hold of calories, but you can control the situation if you continue your workouts in the cold. Training during the colder months (during the festive period) allows you to keep those perky fat stores in check and not to emerge out of shape in spring.4 Benefits Of Training In The Cold A Mum Reviews

  • Cold Weather Exercise Will Be a Perfect Cardiovascular Workout

Except the opportunity to kill more calories, there are more benefits of running in the cold. The American Heart Association advises people with heart diseases to draw attention to the cold weather workouts as walking or running through heavy, wet snow or snow drifts can strain people’s heart. Cold weather puts a greater strain on the heart than common temperature indoors and the heart starts working harder to keep blood in circulation throughout the body. Such an invigorating workout helps to keep the heart health in a perfect shape. Just don’t forget to buy the best shoes for CrossFit training for the winter.

  • Cold Weather Exercise Will Enhance Your Immune System

Staying active in autumn and winter is also your best defense against autumn/winter viruses and illnesses as cold weather workouts will strengthen your immune system. In addition, recent studies in the U.K. found that training in the cold may reduce your chances of getting winter cold by up to 20 – 30 %, compared to those who stop working out in the autumn/winter months.4 Benefits Of Training In The Cold A Mum Reviews

  • Cold Weather Exercise Will Elevate Your Mood

Low light levels during the colder months can reduce the feel-good brain chemical (serotonin) and lead to winter blues or even SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In a study published in Environmental Science and Technology, it has been found that working out in the winter months can increase your energy and decrease levels of frustration and tension. By the way, the scientists proved the benefits of doing cardio in the cold and stated that running during the winter months is four times efficient at reducing the symptoms of depression than any antidepressants. If you train outdoors in the colder weather, be sure that such workout will help you increase Vitamin D levels, release endorphins, oxygenate your body and, as a result, make you happier and boost your mood.

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