4 Fresh and Fun Patio Ideas You Need to Try This Summer

4 Fresh and Fun Patio Ideas You Need to Try This Summer A Mum Reviews

4 Fresh and Fun Patio Ideas You Need to Try This Summer

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the patio sipping on some cold beer or lemonade, after a long day at the office. If you’re looking forward to sunny weather so you can spend more time outside, here are some fun patio ideas that you can implement just in time for summer, whether you’re hiring a Minneapolis patio builder (or one in your location) or undertaking a DIY project:

1. Add lights for a romantic atmosphere

Sitting on a patio in the warm summer evening can be relaxing and gratifying, especially if you’ve had a bad day. That’s why adding some DIY string lighting can create a soothing, yet romantic atmosphere. You can spend time with your loved one, or have an intimate dinner with a group of close friends. If you own a tree, you can wrap string lights around the tree trunk for an even more magical experience. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of good lighting, especially on a paver patio.

Also, if you feel extra crafty, you can use tree logs to create unique garden lamps. And if you feel like one source of light isn’t enough, feel free to mix different types of lighting, like lanterns, string lamps and aromatic candles.

2. Don’t forget the tiles

Tiles can sometimes make or break the way the room, or in this case, the patio can look. Having unique-looking tiles, with interesting patterns will add an exotic vibe to your patio. There’s a wide array of options to choose to pick from, depends on what’s your goal. For those who love Middle-Eastern aesthetics, colourful Moroccan tiles are the ideal choice, just be careful to combine them with more neutral furniture to keep thing balanced. In case you prefer something more subdued, feel free to have neutral tiles which you can combine with Bohemian furniture and even add tribal pillows a complete hippie vibe. If you like more minimalist designs, you may stick to pastel colours with very little to no patterns, less furniture and only a few plants.

4 Fresh and Fun Patio Ideas You Need to Try This Summer A Mum Reviews

3. Don’t undervalue the power of furniture

In case you just want to use your patio without paying attention to decor, then just any table and chairs and be done with it. But, if you want your patio to look fresh and chic, make sure that you get stuff that’ll go well with everything else there. Having designer outdoor teak furniture can make your patio seem more visually appealing and sitting on a comfortable Pacific ottoman or elegant Balmain chair will definitely add a sense of luxury to your terrace. For something that’s stylish and easy to care for, round rattan garden furniture is a good option. Teak is always a good choice as it can withstand all types of weather. Also, it’s easy to maintain and due to its durability, it can last up to 70 years. Before you buy the furniture, measure your space so you’ll know which size to choose. An offset patio umbrella will provide shade so that you can enjoy your garden even when it’s really hot an sunny. Additionally, be sure to have storage space so your furniture will be safely kept during the winter months.

4. Keep it green

Having a terrace without plants is like having an iced coffee without ice. If you want to maximally enjoy your patio, adding different plants is a must. Ideally, a patio in or near a garden would be the perfect calm place to relax and enjoy people’s company. If you have extra space in your lot, you can turn it into a mini garden. For guides regarding lawn and garden maintenance, visit online gardening resource BestofTools. It would be ideal if you could place your patio close to the trees so you can also enjoy the shade, but if you don’t have enough space, there are still options. Adding potted plants like star jasmine, irises and Mexican sunflowers will just make your patio more colourful. If you favour less colourful decor, you can choose simple green plants such as Kentia palms, Rubber trees and ficuses. You don’t even need to use regular containers, instead, you might use a ladder, a birdhouse or a pallet as a planter, which in return will make your patio look more original and dreamlike, like something out of a romantic English novel.

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To sum up, these fun patio ideas will surely turn your patio into a stylish place for the whole family. Whether you prefer minimalist or maximalist decor, it’s important to make it cozy and also, keep it tidy and clean. Be sure to adapt these tips in a way that’ll make you feel comfortable because after all, you’re the one who’ll spend time there. Your patio should be your little oasis, a place where you’ll retreat to for some peace and quiet. Make it reflect your personality and be sure to keep it that way.

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