5 Beautiful Spring Maternity Dresses Under £30

5 Beautiful Spring Maternity Dresses Under £30 A Mum Reviews

5 Beautiful Spring Maternity Dresses Under £30

Spring is here and it’s time to change up our wardrobes to suit the nicer weather. Pretty dresses are always nice for spring and there are plenty of nice maternity ones to choose from too. I’ve had look around some of my favourite shops for maternity wear and have picked out the five dresses that I like the most.

From the top left:

  • MAMA Patterned dress from H&M – £24.99
  • MAMA Frilled-sleeve dress from H&M – £29.99
  • Blooming Marvellous Sleeveless Stripe Dress from Mothercare – £28.00
  • Chambray dress from The Gap – £29.22 (Sale!)
  • Collarless button-front dress from The Gap – £29.22 (Sale!)

All of the dresses above can be dressed up or down depending on the occasions by using different jackets, shoes and accessories. All but the Mothercare one look like dresses that will also look fine without a bump, which is always practical because it means you can use the dress for longer.

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