5 Essential Questions Before You Buy A Horse

5 Essential Questions Before You Buy A Horse

5 Essential Questions Before You Buy A Horse

Buying a horse is a big decision which should not be taken lightly, requiring a lot of thought to establish whether you’ve made the right decision for your personal needs. Although you might have found what you think seems like an unbeatable deal, ask yourself whether it sounds too good to be true and approach with caution, avoiding what could be a costly mistake down the line. To help you make sure your next horse is the one for you, we’ve pulled together 5 questions to ask the seller before you get carried away with buying horse stable rugs and all of the gear you need.

  • Are they suitable for riding?

Whatever your ability as a rider, ensure your new horse aligns with this to guarantee the safety of you both. For inexperienced riders, a horse who is well trained will be needed to prevent the risk of injury and allow you to progress instead of taking a step back. By picking a horse who needs more training than you can handle, the process of getting them to your level can be an incredibly challenging and stressful one which is likely to require the help of a professional.

  • Do they suit your end goals?

Every horse owner has a slightly different lifestyle, looking for a new addition who can compliment their hobbies and interests. Whether you prefer to compete in shows up and down the country or enjoy quiet trail rides around your local area in the evening, look into the history of a potential horse to ensure their experience is suitable for your needs.

  • Are they easy to train?

To ensure you and your new horse align, gaining a level of respect is essential. Over the course of a few days, test a few basic commands and see if you can make any progress with their response, establishing how easy or difficult it will be to train them once they’re home.

  • Is their behaviour unpredictable?

Although this can be an uncomfortable question for some sellers to answer, it is essential that you know the answer before you make the big decision. Especially for more inexperienced horse owners, handling a horse who has temperamental behaviour can be an intimidating and potentially dangerous prospect if not handled appropriately. Ask to ride the horse away from their area of familiarity and check how they interact with other horses as these two activities are great indicators.

  • Will they pass a health check?

Before buying any horse, a professional vet check is an essential to identify any health concerns which may impact your decision. By asking the question before it gets to the stage of paying for a professional to attend, the seller will know your intentions and should be more open about any potential concerns which may be flagged during a health check. By knowing these in advance, you can decide whether you are willing to work through these problems or not.

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