7 Fun Easter Activities to Try Out With Your Little Ones

7 Fun Easter Activities to Try Out With Your Little Ones

7 Fun Easter Activities to Try Out With Your Little Ones

Easter is a fun day full of delicious chocolates, eggs, and bunny-related products and decorations. 

While Easter egg hunts are essential to this day, they’re not the only activities that you and your family can try this year. Something like a dark chocolate Easter eggs decoration class with your kid can be an activity you and your family enjoy. Or perhaps a fun and unique Easter basket can be something everyone enjoys – the list of ideas is truly endless!

If you’re looking for ideas to put together the perfect Easter celebration for your little one, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of amazing indoor and outdoor activities for Easter that every family can enjoy.

Let’s take a look!

1. Create Artistic Easter Hampers

Easter hampers are a tradition that we all love. Whether it is a hamper full of delicious chocolate Easter eggs for a relative or a fun bunny basket for your neighbour, this gift is always received well.

However, consider switching things up this year with artistic Easter baskets made from scratch. Whether it is an all-paper basket, or something made of cloth, you can get creative and put together unique Easter treats for your favourite people.

2. Decorate Your Home with Easter Decorations

With so many ideas about aesthetic and incredible Easter decor on Pinterest and other platforms, you and your little one can try making your own amazing Easter decor this year. 

From fun Easter egg pop outs to unique bunny cutouts and origami flowers, there’s several things you can use. If your kids enjoy all things craft, this idea becomes the perfect way to let them experience Easter while also spending quality time with them. You can find lots of easy spring craft ideas online.

7 Fun Easter Activities to Try Out With Your Little Ones

3. A Personalised Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are something we all participate in, from kids to adults, this is one Easter tradition everybody takes part in. However, instead of the usual egg hunt, why not switch things up a bit by making it personalised?

Create clues, riddles or whatever other fun bits your kids enjoy can be incorporated in this egg hunt to make it more special and enjoyable for your little ones.

Consider making it a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to a fun treasure – your kids are surely going to love this.

4. Try Out Bunny Bowling

Yes, you read that right! If you have a smooth, flat surface anywhere in your home, bunny bowling is an amazing idea that you should definitely consider for your Easter 2022 celebrations.

For this, all you need to do is make your bowling pins bunny shaped and you’re ready to go! Bonus egg chocolates for those who win – it can’t get any better!

5. A Bunny Sack Race

For something more adrenaline-filled, a bunny sack race can be the perfect idea to consider. Use any spare burlap sacks you have, get them cleaned and perhaps even decorate them for your little ones.

The race can be held in your backyard or a nearby park and perhaps the adults in the family can try it too! It’s guaranteed to make your Easter celebration more memorable.

7 Fun Easter Activities to Try Out With Your Little Ones

6. Organise the Iconic Egg and Spoon Race 

Building on the topic of fun races, another idea you should definitely try out as part of your Easter activities is the fun egg and spoon race.

Watching your family members dash off to the finishing line while also trying to balance the eggs on the spoon is sure to lead to a few laughs and some amazing memories. Make sure to have a camera ready to capture all these amazing moments!

7. Pin the Tail On the Bunny

Change up the usual pin the tail on the donkey game with a bunny instead for your fun Easter activities. Since this game is relatively simple, your kids can make the bunny poster and the fluffy tail that everyone has to pin on the bunny.

This fun game is unique and enjoyable enough for everyone – making it another great Easter activity for 2022.

To Sum Up…

While we’ve only listed out a few fun Easter activities to try with your little ones, the list is endless.

With so many amazing ideas and activities available online, you don’t need to stick only to the usual Easter traditions. Mix it up with any of these incredible activities and you’re guaranteed a fun Easter celebration with your family and friends.

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