8 Essential Rules For Proper Vaping Etiquette

8 Essential Rules For Proper Vaping Etiquette

8 Essential Rules For Proper Vaping Etiquette

Whether you’re a regular vape user or you’ve only just begun, it can be challenging to understand the dos and don’ts of when it’s acceptable to use your vaping device. Some people vape without a second thought of who’s around them, whereas others are unsure of when they can vape without offending anyone. The last thing that vapers want is to go back to feeling like they did during the height of tobacco smoking, where many smokers felt judged, disliked, and ostracised. Our guide of essential rules will help you navigate the social expectations towards vaping, so you always know when you can enjoy your vape tool. There are lots of vaping products that you can try here. Now, onto the essential rules for proper vaping etiquette.

  • Vape Outside

When you’re not at home, it’s always best to vape outside unless you have the owner’s express consent, whether you are in a business, shop, or loved one’s home. Many people are sensitive to smells and the vapour created by vape devices which is why it’s more polite to always vape outside unless you have permission to do so inside. It’s also essential that you only use your device where it is legal to do so when vaping.

  • Keep Vapour To Yourself

As we mentioned in the previous point, there are many people with sensitivities to smoke, vapour, and smells, which is why you should always blow your vapour clouds away from other people. Unless you are surrounded by other vapers or people that have expressed that they don’t mind, stand several feet away from the other people in your general vicinity to avoid blowing the vapours in their faces. So before you get your geek vape pod device out to vape, make sure you’re not too close to others.

  • Ask Permission

If you’re unsure if the people around you are okay with vaping or if the place you’re visiting allows vaping inside, the best rule is to ask permission before using your device. Whether it’s somewhere you can typically assume it’s acceptable, like a pub garden or terrace, or it’s somewhere you’re reasonably certain vaping is not allowed, always make sure you ask so that you can be clear on the rules. 

  • Follow The Rules

Most people who vape and use e-liquid that has a nicotine content have been tempted to stealthily use their vaping device in areas where it is strictly prohibited. While taking a quick hit from your vape device seems like a relatively low-risk venture, it’s typically not a good idea in the grand scheme of things. The reason that this action is a bad idea is because when you break or bend the rules surrounding vaping, you risk ruining it for other vape users; this is due to harsher rules coming into place as a direct result of those who break them. 

  • Don’t Vape In Restaurants

If you vape, I’m sure you enjoy finishing off a great meal with a vaping session; however, the other customers at the restaurant you’re visiting may not feel the same way. Even if you use a flavour of vape liquid that has the aroma of food or no noticeable fragrance at all, it’s not pleasant to the other people eating to have strange smells or clouds of vapour introduced into the atmosphere of the restaurant. It’s good practice to always keep vaping out of the areas you and other people are using to eat so that everyone can enjoy their meals in peace.

  • Don’t Judge Others

Most vape enthusiasts know which are the best vape liquids and devices on the market and frequently upgrade their kit to get the exact results they want, whether that’s a more robust flavour or an immense vapour cloud. However, just because you’re enthusiastic about vaping and all the kit available doesn’t mean that everyone else has to be. Vaping is a personal experience, and you don’t need to share the opinions or preferences of every person who vapes. Ensure that you are not judging other vapers, and allow everyone to enjoy vaping in their own way, even if you don’t completely agree with them. 

  • Avoid Vaping In Crowds

It should go without saying that vaping should be avoided in crowded areas like a concert hall, lift, busy shopping centre or any other area packed tightly with many people. As we’ve mentioned in previous points, you should not create heavy vapour clouds or intense aromas in the middle of a large group of people. This is due to how alarming sudden clouds of vapour can be to some people and that it may trigger those with sensitivities or allergies. 

  • Sanitary Sharing

When you’re offering someone your vape to try, whether they’re friends, family, or someone you’ve only just met, it’s crucial to keep things sanitary; this is especially significant since the pandemic is still a considerable risk for many people. There are low-cost disposable silicone caps, also known as cover buddies or drip tips, that can be purchased from most retailers. These disposable covers can be used to shield the mouthpiece of your vaping device from germs when you want to share it with others.

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