A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours

A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours A Mum Reviews

A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours | AD

We have lived in our new house for over four years now. Since it’s a newbuild it came with white walls throughout and we’ve gradually added some pops or colour and feature walls to different rooms in the house. We sorted out the children’s bedroom very soon after we moved in, then painted the downstairs toilet, the hallway and the living room. We recently put up wallpaper in our youngest daughter’s room ready to move her into there, to finally sleep in her own bedroom.

That brings us to why we hadn’t decorated the master bedroom yet! Our youngest co-slept with us a lot through her baby and toddler years, leaving the cot we bought for her mostly unused. Because she was sleeping in our bedroom, it didn’t quite feel like ours. We had been thinking about painting a feature wall behind the bed for a long time to make it feel done and more grown-up but didn’t want to start it until our toddler had moved into her own room and had taken all her teddies and books etc. with her so that our room could finally feel like it was completely ours.

A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours A Mum Reviews

The time has come and we have finally painted that feature wall behind our bed and I’m so pleased with the results. We used the Pepper Tree Green No. 34 paint from Victory Colours‘ Eco Friendly Paint Collection.

Victory Colours have created a paint collection of highly technical, high performing, solvent-free paint with low toxins without compromising on quality. The paints are excellent quality and highly pigmented. Victory Colours have a Virtually VOC Free Paint Collection to ensure that indoor air quality is not compromised when decorating. As mentioned, our paint was from the Eco Friendly Paint Collection and we noticed that it barely had any scent at all which was great as it meant we could use the room straight away.

A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours A Mum Reviews

I knew I wanted a green wall but I hadn’t settled on what shade of green yet until we started browsing the colour options on the Victory Colours website. They have lots of colours to choose from and it’s easy to sort by colour to narrow down the results. You can order paint samples too before ordering a full tin of paint so that you can make sure the paint looks like you want it to in your home too. When ordering, you can select what finish you want – we opted for Soft Sheen, Kitchen / Bathroom Emulsion for the most durable finish.

A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours A Mum Reviews

The elegant, clear, and crisp Pepper Tree Green No. 34 was a great choice for our bedroom wall. It’s a dark green that reminds of nature and plants which goes very well with our duvet cover theme! It’s brought a touch of nature into our bedroom and I love it!

This kind of green looks great teamed with pink/blush colours but also with white and different types of wood. We have black/brown furniture in our bedroom and the Pepper Tree Green No 34. works well with our bed frame, shelves, drawers and bedside table. I wanted the result to be cosy and darker at night but vibrant and bright in the daytime which is what we got so we’re very happy! The colour changes beautifully as the sunlight varies throughout the day.

A Bedroom Update with Victory Colours A Mum Reviews

My husband did the painting and he said it was a thick, great quality paint that was easy to work with. Our wall only required one coat of paint which is great – the promise of superb coverage is definitely true! Other features of this paint include that it’s a water-based paint that creates minimal splatter, that it’s washable and highly durable. We’ve already touched on the fact that it’s low odour, with ultra-low VOC content and solvent-free too which makes it a great choice for homes with children and pets.

We are very pleased with our experience using Victory Colours and will definitely use their paints again in the future.


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