Top Tips For Enjoying Your Garden Year Round

Top Tips For Enjoying Your Garden Year Round

Top Tips For Enjoying Your Garden Year Round

Spending time outside is good for the whole family. It gives your children a chance to run, skip and play, all while burning off their extra energy. It lets your four-legged friends stretch their legs. It can even help boost your mood, as being in nature lowers your stress-hormone cortisol and decreases your heart rate. 

And, if you’re lucky enough to have your own garden – you don’t need to travel further than your back door to enjoy these benefits. However, you do have to ensure that your garden is up to scratch, which means it may be time to grab your gardening tools and pick those pesky weeds. 

Furthermore, while you’ll likely spend more time in your garden during spring and summer, this is a space you can enjoy all year round, providing you care for it correctly. 

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to enjoy your garden all year round – no matter what kind of weather you may be experiencing. 

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1. Plant some beautiful flowers. 

No garden is complete without beautiful flowers, and now is the perfect time to plant seeds so that they will grow and flourish come spring and summer. This is because the warm soil temperatures encourage seeds to germinate and roots to grow. If you do not have access to grass, buy plenty of plant pots as this will still give you the chance to grow something beautiful.

There are thousands upon thousands of flower species to choose from. However, if you’re getting started in autumn, we’d recommend you kickstart the process with autumnal flowers, such as Alliums. To make things easier, you can buy allium bulbs online and have them delivered directly to your door! 

2. Build a fire pit. 

Building a fire pit in your garden is a great way to ensure you can use the space all year round – as it can keep you warm on autumn or winter nights when the temperatures are a little chilly but you’re still in search of some fresh air. The perfect companion to stargazing and smores, having a fire pit in your garden will also make for hours of family entertainment, while also coming in handy should you be entertaining guests or hosting a dinner party.

In short, you’d struggle to find a reason why you should not incorporate this feature into your garden. If you’re short on space, you could buy a chiminea instead, which serves the same function but is often much smaller. Chimineas can also be stored away in your garage when not in use, allowing you to maximise the space you have available to you in your garden. For example, in the summer months the space usually occupied by your chiminea could be replaced with a paddling pool – which is sure to go down a treat (or a splash) with your kids! 

Top Tips For Enjoying Your Garden Year Round - How to Make Your Garden More Fun for All of the Family

3. Get creative with lights. 

If you’re looking to enjoy your garden to the full, you may also want to experiment with lighting. Not only can outdoor lights, such as fairy lights, come in handy when entertaining in the evening, but they can also brighten up the space on misty or cloudy mornings. To put it simply, they’re a great way to change the atmosphere of your garden, making it a more enjoyable space to spend time in.  

4. Get the whole family involved in gardening. 

Whether they’re in their terrible twos or equally terrible teens, it can sometimes be hard to get outdoors as a family. However, one way in which you can achieve this goal is by getting everyone involved when it comes to gardening. For example, you could set challenges to see who can grow the most/the best fruit and veg, or simply assign gardening duties for them if they’re looking to earn more pocket money. 

Gardening is a great skill to develop at any age, and this too can be great for your mental health. For example, a recent study found that 93% of people said their confidence and motivation improved when they began gardening on a regular basis. 

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5. Weatherproof your outdoor furniture. 

Introducing garden furniture into your outdoor space is a great way to ensure you can enjoy it all year round, as you have a comfortable place to soak up the sun or enjoy your morning coffee. However, it’s also important that you take care of these items if you want to enjoy them for years to come. While they are typically made from weather-resistant materials, you should carry out regular inspections to ensure no damage has occurred. 

If the paint has begun to chip away, use this as an opportunity to add a fresh coat. Be sure to choose a paint that is water-resistant so that it will stand the test of time – but do not be afraid to go for a bright or bold colour. After all, this can really brighten up the space during the dark, cold winter months. 

If you’re currently on the lookout for garden furniture, but cannot find exactly what you are looking for, you could always take the budget-friendly approach and build your own. While this may take some time to get right, it’s a great way to ensure your outdoor furniture is totally unique and you’ll feel proud of your achievement each time you use it. 

6. Make the garden a space everyone can enjoy. 

If each member of your family was to draw up a plan for their dream garden, each sketch would likely look a little different. And while you cannot please everybody, you should ensure everybody gets a say in some aspect of the garden design. For example, your kids could be in charge of choosing which flowers and plants you grow, while you can decide what colour to paint the fence, or what furniture to include. For younger children, you may also want to incorporate outdoor toys such as swings, slides and sandpits – as this will be a great way to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. 

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