A Brief Introduction to Urban Pike Fishing

A Brief Introduction to Urban Pike Fishing

A Brief Introduction to Urban Pike Fishing

Pike fishing in the cities canal network using lures! Yes, many anglers are unaware of the increase of fish species in canals around the urban areas of UK. No need to travel far to get access to great sport catch predatory fish like pike, perch and even zander. No need to take lot of tackle just a spinning rod, a reel loaded with braided fishing line, wire traces and a selection of soft plastic lures. If you need some bags to keep your gear in, then you can find kayak fish bags from shops.

Why Canals?

Urban fishing is not a new phenomenon, but the popularity of this pastime has risen in recent years, there are even websites like Pike Frenzy that focus on this area. As urban areas grow, and more people move to these cities, there are increasing opportunities for anglers in canals and other waterways around the UK’s towns and cities. The canal network in London offers close-to-home access to some great sport fishing including pike, perch and zander – if you know where to look!

Gone are the days when canals were just full of manky looking stickleback, bigger fish has seen their demise by eating them up. Present day the much-improved canals offer much more than just hardy little fish and understanding what the bigger fish such as pike are eating will give you clues for success as a fisherman.

Thinking about cities in general, the fast-food shops in abundance, the mess left behind with uneaten meal items and what it attracts! Yes, you’ve got it RATS. Rats are ever present around cities with this constant supply of free food. The other attractions for rats is water, staying close to water for rewarding and keeping out the way of human activity throughout the day, canal are the perfect safe haven for these frowned upon rodents.

Pike Get Fat on Rat

This is a big clue to what pike are eating as part of there diet on top of smaller bait fish. Pike regularly see rats swimming across the surface from one side of the bank to another. This activity happens predominately in the early morning or at dusk to dark. So, it is obvious a Rat imitation lure is a must in the lure box.

Pike have grown quite large in canals with specimens over 25lb reported a numerous time. Jigging soft plastic lues is another favourite, using bigger lures for pike and small soft plastics with a jig head for perch and zander.

Canal Features to Target

Look for features to target fish like bridges, locks and basins that have boats moored up are all productive areas. On canal straight look for overhanging trees and waterside brush that create a fantastic place for a predator to lay in wait for its victim.

Lure to Take for Pike

ABU GARCIA Svartzonker McPerchCurly Rubber Bait 11 cm
ABU GARCIA Beast Twin Tail
Westin Ricky The Roach 150mm 6″
Savage Gear 3D Rad Rat Lures
Weighted Fishing Hooks

The lures I have shown above are perfect for canals, their action creates plenty of vibration in the murky water that pike are drawn to sensing a struggling bait fish. The lure like Ricky the Roach that contain hooks on the belly of the bait should only be used if you are sure there is no snags around that will cost you an expensive lure. This is where the other lures are important. Rigging them with a weighted lure hook weedless style gives the angler a mental map of what lies beneath the waterline, and as we know pike love hiding close to snags to keep unnoticed by prey fish.

Lures for Perch and Zander

3D Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Lures 9cm

All small soft plastic paddle tail lures can be used with a jig head and are deadly for all sizes of perch and zander. Fished close to boats and the cover of a bridge are the best spots to try. Remember to have a selection of different size jig heads so you can change the size of the soft plastic lure if need be. Boxes of assorted jig heads are great for this.

40Pcs Jig Heads Hooks

This is good enough to get you going to try your luck on an urban canal. Do not be put off by lack of visual activity it may seem very quiet then your rod will bend over and the water will explode as a pike attacks. This sport fishing is accessible to everyone, just make sure you treat the fish with care and return them to the water quickly, protect this exciting fishing and just remember the pike will get bigger for another day.

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