Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds Review

Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds Review

Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds Review

I bought these Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds a few months ago (when it was still summer and warm and sunny…) and have tried them a few times.

The first time I tried them I was disappointed because it takes ages for them to freeze enough to stick onto the holder. I made some lollies and tried to get one out the next day and it was stuck in the mould but the stick came out. Same happened a few days later. A week after making them, I could get them out more easily. That’s too long for me and the few sunny days we get in the UK were long gone.

What you need to do is plan ahead and keep some of these in the freezer for your baby at all times so you can quickly get one if the sun shows itself!

They are easy to use: I used a mix of fruit purée and a dash of double cream the first time and just Greek yoghurt the next. You pour the mixture into the moulds, plop the handles in and put them in the freezer. It is very convenient that they stand up when they are all locked together.

To get them out, it’s much easier if you run the lolly that you want under warm water for a bit to loosen it from the mould. The plastic mould can be a bit brittle when frozen so be gentle when snapping the mould apart.

These are a good idea. They make it easy for parents to make healthy lollies, are easy for babies to hold and must be soothing for teething gums. I got mine from when they were on offer for only £2.49. That was a great price! It is usually available for less than £5.

The Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds are suitable from 9 months and I can see them being used a lot when my baby is older to make small ice cream treats!

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