Auto Shop Tools Everyone Should Have – Car Maintenance Checklist

Auto Shop Tools Everyone Should Have A Mum Reviews

The Checklist for Car Maintenance: Auto Shop Tools Everyone Should Have

This article will discuss what you need to have in your home or garage for car maintenance. You will use these items regularly if you take care of your car.

  • Diagnostic Tools

You need to have a diagnostic kit to help you troubleshoot and get to the bottom of various problems in your travels. Get yourself the OBDeleven Car Diagnostic Tool that will give you the best automotive services. 

  • Socket and Screwdriver Set

When you first get to the car repair shop and find out that your key gets stuck in the ignition, it’s not always easy to tell if there are any other problems with your vehicle. The socket wrench and screwdriver set can come in handy for a whole bunch of reasons. If you’re trying to change a tire or fix something on the side of the road, this will be invaluable too.

The sockets allow for different sizes, which means they’ll work with more than one size bolt head. They have long handles, so they won’t slip from underneath while you’re working either! With all these tools at hand, what could go wrong? 

When changing tires or replacing oil filters, you may need them just about anything that involves taking off bolts.

Auto Shop Tools Everyone Should Have A Mum Reviews
  • Duct Tape

Duct tape is a must-have for any auto shop. This strong adhesive provides the flexibility of repairing just about anything without buying new parts or tools. Duct tape also has a tensile strength in either direction, so you can use it as a temporary emergency strap when your tow rope snaps and still get home from the ski slope!

  • Tow Strap

The tow strap is an essential car tool for emergencies. It’s a perfect complement to your jumper cables and can replace them if necessary. In addition, you can use the strap as a leash when you’re parking on the side of the road or even just taking up space while waiting at a rest stop. 

Tow straps are available from any auto parts store. Make sure to get one with heavy-duty material that won’t snap under pressure. Also, you’ll want it to have a connection point on both ends so that you don’t need knots or clips to attach each end properly. 

Car tools
  • Jumper Cables   

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your car battery died, then you know that jumper cables are one of those auto shops tools everyone should have. However, please don’t buy them new! You can find plenty of used ones on Amazon or eBay for much cheaper than retail stores charge. Keep an eye out at yard sales, too, because people occasionally sell their old sets there.

To use jumper cables properly, first, attach one end to the positive terminal under your hood. Then connect the opposite end of that cable with another set attached to someone else who has a running vehicle nearby (preferably theirs). Once both cars start up again, remove all connections before turning off either engine so that you don’t short out anything.


In conclusion, many tools can come in handy for car maintenance. These five items should be stored away and readily available to help with any emergency repairs or routine service appointments that may arise. Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to avoid any costly surprises, especially for your vehicle!

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