How to Save Money When Travelling

How to Save Money When Travelling

How to Save Money When Travelling

When we are all able to travel again safely there will be a massive rush to go on holiday. With this rush, prices of vacations abroad will probably increase. If you are a family that’s working on a budget this may mean that you and your kids won’t be able to do all of the activities you would have planned to do.

But, don’t worry, there are ways of saving money while still being able to enjoy yourselves on holiday. We will share some of these tips with you below.

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Breakfast Buffet
  • Go all-inclusive

Going all-inclusive on a family holiday may seem more expensive at first, but by selecting an all-inclusive option when travelling abroad you giving yourself time to save and pay off your holiday via instalments every few months.

All-inclusive holidays include your drinks and your meals while staying in the hotel. If you choose a larger resort to stay at you often don’t have to leave the complex either and most larger hotels will have a wide variety of restaurants so you and your kids don’t get bored.

All-inclusive holidays may cost an extra few hundred per person, but you will easily spend that if not a lot more when eating out in restaurants or getting lollies and drinks for your children to keep them hydrated during the day.

Buy paying a little extra you will save your family money in the long run.

  • Cook more

If an all-inclusive option is too expensive you can go for one of the other options such as half board. This way some of your meals are covered and you can cook in your room to save a little extra.

If you don’t want to eat out or pay extra to eat at the hotel, self-catering can be cheaper if you find a good local supermarket. If saving money is important to you then eating out at the touristy restaurants is a no-no.

How to Save Money When Travelling
  • Fly in the “off-season”

Flights are usually one of the most expensive parts of a holiday so if you want to save money on them there are a few things you can do. Firstly, compare flights available from the main airlines in your country. Companies like EasyJet, RyanAir and Jet2 are all considered budget airlines in the UK so make sure to look for similar companies in your country.

Once you have found a budget airline, check out the dates which are cheaper by using their apps. You will be able to see a pattern where flights are cheaper in different seasons. Flying on different days will also make a difference to your bank account. 

How to Save Money When Travelling
  • Cut out expensive parking fees

Airport parking is expensive, even if you manage to find a coupon or book in advance. If you want to cut out your parking fees you have a few options. Firstly the cheapest is to get a family member to drop you at the airport. Some airports such as Gatwick airport will have a fee for dropping off so keep that in mind.

If you want to cut down on parking fees but don’t have any other way of getting to an airport you could try public transport, the only problem with that is public transport isn’t too reliable and can be difficult to use when travelling with your family.

The next best option is to hire a private taxi company, they are more reliable than public transport but don’t cost too much like a chauffeur-driven service.

Air Bnb
  • Use Airbnb to save on hotel costs.

Airbnb is a great way of saving money when travelling with your family, but not only that you sometimes get an experience that you wouldn’t get from visiting a hotel.

Airbnb has so many properties on there that it’s very difficult not to get a bargain when travelling. If you are willing to stay a little out of the tourist zones you can save even more money and a whole weeks stay can be cheaper than a night at some hotels.

When travelling and staying at an Airbnb just make sure the area you are travelling to and staying in is safe.

  • Travel to places where your money can go further.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to save money at the same time you could consider travelling to places that aren’t as widely visited yet are safe and very affordable.

Price of Travel has a good list of affordable locations that you can visit for only a few dollars a day.

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