Back to School Essentials Guide | Primary School

Back to School Essentials 2022 | Primary School A Mum Reviews

Back to School Essentials Guide | Primary School

It’s that time of the year again – many kids are going back to school at the start of September and some are already back now. Have you got what your kids need for the new school year?

In this post, I have gathered our back to school essentials for the new school year. Have a look through our list to see there’s anything you might have missed and do share your extras in the comments below too.

  • Uniform Check

Most British schools have school uniform so check that your little ones have what they need in the correct sizes. Make sure they actually try the clothes on to see how they fit. If it’s their first year at school, then this might be a bigger shop while older kids will hopefully still be able to use at least a few things from the previous term. We’ve only had to add some trousers this year – luckily the rest of the uniforms still fit and are in a decent condition. Some school require book bags and other accessories too. There should be a list on your school’s website or, if not, the school office can give you one. Sun hats and caps are also essential when it’s sunny. Hopefully the summery weather will last a few more weeks!

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  • School Shoes

Buying school shoes is an annoying task for parents. It’s usually expensive and kids are not always great at co-operating at the shoe shop which can be stressful. High prices don’t always mean that the shoes will last longer. How your child is makes a bigger difference. One of my kids is very active and tends to wear out shoes quickly while my other one can have the same shoes for longer. Some schools require smart shoes while others are fine with anything as long as they’re the right colour. Again, check with your school to make sure. I look for comfortable options and try to make sure that each child has a more water-resistant option for wet weather.

  • Outdoor Clothing

Speaking of wet weather, a decent waterproof coat for each child is another one of our back to school essentials. Buy them a little bit too big and they should last a couple of years before being outgrown. A hat and plenty of gloves (they always get lost, dirty, misplaced or break!) for autumn and winter are also great to have ready.

Back to School Essentials 2022 | Primary School A Mum Reviews
  • Water Bottles

It’s great to see that most schools now encourage their students to have their own reusable water bottle to use in the classroom. Opt for something sturdy that’s easy for little ones to drink from. Lots of kids prefer water that is cold so an insulated option is great for this.

SHO Original 2.0 Kids Bottles are a brilliant option that comes in lots of fun designs that children love. They’re hard-wearing and eco-friendly and the adorable 260ml design is a great size for little ones to keep in their lunch bag or in the classroom. Choose between a range of designs – including 4 brand-new limited-edition patterns from artist Sally Payne and 8 more designs by Emily Emerson. You can choose to use the bottles with a straw lid (you can customise the colour for this option) or with a screw on lid – whatever works best for your family.

Back to School Essentials 2022 | Primary School

The SHO Original 2.0 Kids Bottles are insulated so will keep your child’s water nice and cold throughout the day. They can also be used for warm drinks.

I love the durable stainless steel quality and the cool and colourful designs that you can choose from when shopping for SHO bottles. They are of course BPA free. They are also 100% leakproof when used with the regular lid (the straw lid is not 100% leakproof but is spill proof) and covered by the SHO Lifetime Guarantee.

Back to School Essentials 2022 | Primary School
  • Lunch Bags & Lunch Boxes

If your child will be taking a packed lunch, then a lunch bag and a lunch box are back to school essentials too. Choose something that’s easy to wash and clean and that’s easy for your little one to use. Check that your water bottle fits into the lunch bag too.

  • Backpacks

A backpack will make it easier for your child to carry their lunch, water bottles and any work they’re bringing back home from school. It’s also a good way to teach your child responsibility as they’ll be in charge of looking after and carrying all their own stuff. I also pop a small first aid kit (plasters and antiseptic wipes), sun cream, and hand sanitisers in my kids’ school backpacks. Backpacks that have a side pocket to hold a water bottle are the best.

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  • Tools for Labelling

Last but not least, most schools require you to label your child’s belongings. For us it works best to use TinyMe labels for things like bags, lunch bags, lunch boxes, water bottles and other things while a simple Sharpie permanent clothes marker is best for clothing and lasts much better for things that are washed in the washing machine.

Features a gifted sample of a SHO water bottle. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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