Back to School – School Uniform Checklist

Back to School – School Uniform Checklist A Mum Reviews

Back to School – School Uniform Checklist

While we are all enjoying the school holidays at the moment, it will soon be time to go back to school. It’s a good idea to be prepared and have you children’s school uniform and other clothes ready for the season. So what do you really need?

School Uniform Checklist

  • Four shirts or polo shirts
  • Two pairs of trousers/skirts/pinafores, a pair of shorts + belt if needed
  • One or two pairs of shoes
  • Seven pairs of socks
  • Two jumpers (one with school logo)
  • A lightweight waterproof rain coat that folds up
  • A winter coat
  • Wooly hat and warm gloves for autumn/winter
  • Sun hat for spring/summer
  • Any extras that your school requires such as a tie, a blazer, etc.
  • PE kit with shorts, t-shirt, plimsolls and socks
  • Swim kit if your school requires it
  • A school bag/backpack
  • Lunch bag if needed

Back to School – School Uniform Checklist A Mum Reviews

You know your child best and know how messy he or she is. If your child loves playing outside and getting messy or always spills, you will need more spare clothes. Also factor in how often you can wash clothes and how quickly they can dry and be ready to wear again. If you can’t do washing in the week, then you’ll need more. Take this list and add more extras to suit your situation, then you will be ready and have everything you need for your child or children going back to school. Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the school holidays too!

Are you a parent of a teen girl?

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