Bermond Promotes Your Products, Brings New Customers and Develops Your Business

Bermond Promotes Your Products, Brings New Customers and Develops Your Business

Bermond Promotes Your Products, Brings New Customers and Develops Your Business

Bermond Management offers marketing support for small and medium-sized businesses, provides solutions to problems in the field of management, marketing, advertising and PR at the start, development or reloading of your company. The agency’s main specialization is the development and implementation of creative strategies for domestic and international businesses. The main types of Bermond’s services:

  • Development of creative concepts;
  • Development of communication strategies;
  • Development and implementation of advertising campaigns;
  • VIsual commercials production and outdoor advertising;
  • Creation of websites, landing pages and banners;
  • Market analysis and development marketing strategies;
  • Sales strategy development;
  • B2B marketing partnership!

Within the marketing analysis in the development of communication materials Bermond collects and organizes existing materials about the company, its positioning, products and services, about the promoted brand and also analyze existing advertising materials. For each type of communication materials the professional team defines the target audience, formulate goals and objectives, as well as the benefits of the product/company to be promoted. Based on the collected data and information we develop a plan and design concept of communication materials and marketing strategy in general. As part of the design concept the agency presents a new, selling format for presenting information about the promoted services/products of the company.

Bermond Management diverse solutions

Business is dynamic. Every company is on the lookout for new sources of revenue. If your firm is concerned about this, then marketing partnerships can be an alternative source of business strategy and income. The result of such cooperation is positive for all parties: the clients of one company become at the same time potential consumers of goods and services of the other. Bermond Management can help to choose the right company for marketing partnership, to make it as profitable and effective for you. The specialists of the agency will be able to answer whether your company needs a collaboration or a partnership. They will conduct a detailed analysis of your business. The detailed analysis helps to get the maximum profit from a forthcoming partnership.

Product positioning in the market is the first step in developing a promotion strategy, identifies direct and indirect competitors, and helps the company set a clear course for long-term success in the industry. Developing a positioning strategy is based on finding unique ideas and features that distinguish your brand from many others. Bermond’s team studies your business up and down, and conducts an analysis of your competitors. They identify their distinctive features, commercial offers, pricing policy and assortment. Together with you they choose an appropriate model of positioning and develop a unique selling proposition that distinguishes you from your competitors and attracts new customers.

Another service offered by Bermond Management is marketing audit as an independent assessment of the state of affairs within a company and the position of a company on the market (in relation to competitors). In essence, it is about identifying possible risks in doing your business and checking the readiness of the company or firm to overcome them. But risks are one side of the coin. The analysis of macroeconomic factors also allows you to identify new opportunities for developing, repositioning, or diversifying your business. Cooperating with Bermond agency, you will get objective information about the state of affairs in the company, problems and bottlenecks and ways to solve the difficulties.

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