Brother Max Weaning Products Review

Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

Brother Max Weaning Products Review

We’ve been trying out some wonderful new weaning products from Brother Max. The range is bright, fun and colourful but, most importantly, very practical! This post might look a bit long but that’s because I have reviewed all the these products in one post so it’s really 6 reviews in 1.

Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

Brother Max Weaning Products Review

Below is the Weaning Bowl Set and it’s perfect for on-the-go feeding when out and about. It consists of a bowl with a removable divider and a lid with a clever storage compartment that holds the two travel spoons that come with the set. The lid has vents so can be used in the microwave. If you’re looking for a new microwave, you can find great combination microwaves here.

The bowl has a handle so is very easy to hold for adults and children. You can use the parts all together like this or separately. The bowl can also be used with the lids from the Snack Pot Bowl which is very useful. The removable divider is perfect for snacking at home too, and we use it all the time for that to separate different snacks. The divider clicks into the bowl so it doesn’t fall out.

The Travel Spoons are really cool they are heat-sensitive and change colour if the food is too hot for babies. So clever! They are a great size to take with you on-the-go but are also very useful at home. You can also buy these separately for

The Weaning Bowl Set is BPA Free, Dishwasher and Microwave-safe and suitable from 4 months and is also available in Pink. It costs £5.99.Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

The Snack Pot Bowl below is a nice and large snack bowl with a flexible and soft lid making it easy for little hands to reach their snacks but minimizes the risk of spills.

The bowl is big so will hold plenty of snacks and it can also be used as a regular bowl without the lid or with the Weaning Bowl Set. The bowl has a handle, making it very easy to hold for toddlers and adults feeding babies. The size is great because it means it will be a suitable snack bowl for many years to come.

The only thing that could make it better is if it had a lid to catch any crumbs on-the-go if you want to keep it in your bag.

The Snack Pot Bowl is BPA-free, Dishwasher and Microwave-safe and suitable from 9 months and is also available in Pink. It costs £4.99.Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

The Easy-hold Plates below have the same kind of handles as the bowls above making them really easy to hold for adults and toddlers. They can be used from about 6 months when you start weaning but are large enough to be used as dinner plates for many years.

We use these to get our daughter used to eating from a plate instead of straight off the table and we all love them. It’s so practical to have the handle to hold.

I usually wash our plastic items by hand but have washed these in the dishwasher and they come out great! No fading or damage.

The plates come in a pack of two (different colours) are BPA-free and also available in Pink/Green. They cost £4.99.Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

The Trainer Cup from Brother Max is designed to help with the transition from bottle/breast to cup. This one cup covers four stages of drinking independence which is really brilliant. You can use it with handles and a spout, just a spout, with handles and without the spout or without handles and without the spout as the final stage when your child can just drink from the easy sipper ring.

The teat is really soft and completely non-spill so can be used anywhere. We like to use this in the car for this reason since it doesn’t matter if our cheeky daughter turns it upside down or throws it to the floor. It’s a great compact size (without the handles) for carrying with you.

I love the shape of the bottle. It leans a bit forward making it easy to drink out of. The handles are great too and really helpful for younger babies.

We first used it with the handles but are now at the stage where we’ve removed the handles but still use the teat. The teat is somewhere between a teat and a spout and our daughter has this thing where she’ll only drink milk out of proper teats and water out of spouts/cups so we only use this cup for water and still use regular bottles for her milk.

This trainer cup is BPA-free, Dishwasher-safe and suitable from 4 months and is also available in Pink. It costs £4.99.Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

Last, but not least: the Catch & Fold Baby Bibs another very clever product! It’s made from three parts: two waterproof-lined soft cotton bibs with comfortable side-openings and a flexible and removable crumb catcher. The soft cotton bibs can be used on their own from birth for babies who tend to dribble a bit after drinking their milk or for the first stages of weaning when there are not many crumbs. After those stages, you can start using the crumb catcher to catch larger spills.

The crumb catcher also works as a travel case for the bibs and you can even fit some cutlery in there too. It’s great to have two of the soft bibs when you are out and about for a bit longer and need bibs for two meals. The travel case function means the messy bibs and the dirty spoons are kept safely away from everything else in your bag.

You can wash the soft parts of the bib in the washing machine and they can be tumble dried, too. The crumb catcher only needs a quick wipe and then you can use it again.Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

It’s so lovely to see a combination of soft bibs and hard bibs like this. It’s got the best of both worlds! We have some hard bibs but my daughter refuses to wear them and I think it’s because they must feel uncomfortable around her neck. They are also in the way of her sitting normally when she’s in her high chair. These bibs from Brother Max are soft and comfortable around the neck and chest area but have the practical crumb catcher at the bottom. What a great idea!

The bibs are BPA-free and are also available in Pink. They cost £5.99.

Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

All these clever products (and many more including a really cool milk powder dispenser and some gorgeous weaning pots) are available to buy from and also from

Brother Max Weaning Products Review A Mum Reviews

We were sent these products for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Contains a sponsored link.

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