Eco-Friendly Kids’ Tableware – Bamboo, Stainless Steel & Coconut

Eco-Friendly Kids' Tableware - Bamboo, Stainless Steel & Coconut A Mum Reviews

Eco-Friendly Kids’ Tableware – Bamboo, Stainless Steel & Coconut

Kids’ tableware is usually an area where plastic is used but if you, like me, are trying to reduce the amount of plastic in your home and life, there are many great options out there. In this post, I’ve collected some of my favourite eco-friendly kids’ tableware items plates, bowls, bottles and cutlery options made of bamboo, stainless steel and coconut, not plastic!

Eco-Friendly Kids' Tableware - Bamboo, Stainless Steel & Coconut A Mum Reviews

  • BoBo&Boo 4 Piece Kids Bamboo Snack Bowl Set

This is one of my favourite brands of kids’ tableware. I have my eyes on these cute snack bowls and will probably buy them soon as they’re a perfect size for our needs. BoBo&Boo make really good quality items and there tableware can easily replace all plastic kids’ tableware. They also make sets of bamboo drinking tumblers, larger kids bowls, bamboo plates for kids and Bamboo 5 Piece Dinner Set. All available from for around £16-£18 per set which is great value.

  • Bamboo Bamboo Baby Suction Bowls and Matching Spoon Set

This is a really cute and chunky bamboo bowl with a matching spoon too. This is ideal for toddlers who are learning to eat on their own as the bowl has a suction ring on the bottom, keeping it firmly on the table! The spoon has a soft silicone tip which makes food easy to scrape from the bowl and is soft on delicate gums too! It’s quite a large spoon though so not suitable for weaning babies. The sets are available in lots of different colours and cost £14.99 from

  • Baby Toddler Bamboo Monkey Plate with Silicone Suction

This is another great toddler item as this plate also has a silicone suction ring. The monkey face (there are other designs available too) is adorable and makes mealtimes extra fun. The compartments make the plate great for fussier children who like to have their foods separate from each other. This plate costs £14.99 from

  • Stainless Steel Divided Plate

Another brilliant divided plate is this stainless steel one from Babipur. It’s very affordable at under £8 and stainless steel will last forever! It’s very durable and can handle hot food and will not stain or rust. It’s a great material for a kids’ plate.

  • Viners Teaparty 4 piece Childrens Cutlery Set

Stainless steel is also a great material for children’s cutlery. Cutlery with plastic handles will not last very long, especially not if washed in the dishwasher so it’s best to invest in a stainless steel cutlery set if you’d like something durable and long-lasting. We have kids’ cutlery from Viners and they are amazing! We have a few different sets and the quality is brilliant! They will last us until the kids are ready for full-size cutlery and beyond! They’re not expensive either this set is just £9.99 from

  • Klean Kanteen Kid Sippy Bottle

Over the last year or so, we’ve changed all our bottles to stainless steel ones. We have Kid Kanteen Sippy Bottles and One Green Bottle bottles for the kids and they’re both great! The tops can be swapped between the brands too. We use the Kid Kanteen sippy cups tops at home without the valve to make them free-flowing which is better for teeth and the One Green Bottle tops when out and about as they’re spill and leak-proof.

  • Vie Gourmet Coconut Bowls with Spoons

These are beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed Thai coconut shells and are 100% natural unique. They are sustainable, lightweight and durable and the bowls and spoons are cut, cleaned and sanded, and then polished with coconut oil, all the while maintaining the original shape of a real coconut. You can use them for serving hot or cold food or snacks. Since they are a bit porous on the inside, I prefer to use these bowls for dry snacks as I think they’ll last longer like this. A pack of 4 bowls and spoons costs £19.95 from

  • BoBo and Boo Bamboo Children’s Divided Bamboo Plate

We’ve had these for a while now and use them a lot, especially when the girls have a snacky dinner or lunch with lots of different foods. They love eating off these plates! They’re almost like school dinner trays that I’ve seen on TV. They’re large and fun and very durable. They usually cost £14.95 each but are sometimes on offer for a lot less (like now) on

This posts contains some review/press samples and also many things that I’ve bought myself.

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