MAM Week – Day 1: MAM Manual Breast Pump Review

A Mum Reviews MAM Manual Breast Pump Review

This week will be MAM Week here at A Mum Reviews. I’ve got a bunch of MAM products to review and the first one out is the MAM Manual Breast Pump. Check back each day this week for more reviews of MAM products!

MAM Manual Breast Pump Review

I have tried quite a few breast pumps over the last nine months: two manual pumps and two very expensive electric ones. I have been happy with all of them but I have to tell you that I have now found my favourite!

A Mum Reviews MAM Manual Breast Pump Review
A very cute but powerful breast pump!


Comfort: The MAM Manual Breast Pump is so comfortable to use! It fits nicely around my nipple and the handle is really easy and effortless to pump no hand cramps! The breast shield can be twisted to fit the angle of your nipple perfectly.

Milk Flow: The first time I used it, it had been a few hours since I last fed my baby and I managed to get loads of milk out in just a few minutes. That has rarely happened to me and I’ve never had that much milk come out using one of my £150 electric pumps so I was very impressed when that happened.

A Mum Reviews MAM Manual Breast Pump Review
A dark late night photo of the milk I got after just a few minutes of pumping!


Suction: The suction is just superior (yet more comfortable) to other pumps I have tried. You can feel it if you put your hand over the breast shield and try the pump. I love that you can change the suction level  this is something I haven’t seen on a manual pump before. I used the strongest setting.

Quality of materials: The plastic seems very solid and good quality. It looks and feels like it will last a long time! I will update you on this in a few months time.

Mechanism: My husband is very interested in how things work and was really impressed with the mechanism of the pump. It feels really solid and strong!

Accessories: The pump comes with two anti-colic bottles (one 160ml and one 130ml), two slow flow teats and two sealing disks. I bought a packet of fast flow teats separately since my baby is 9 months old now. I find the pump easy to hold with these bottle sizes and my baby likes to drink out of them and seems to be less burpy afterwards in comparison to normal bottles. Just make sure you don’t twist the bottom of the bottle when you are pumping, since that could come loose! The self-sterilising bottles are a genius idea! You put the teat in the bottom (that you just unscrew), add a bit of water, pop the lid on and into the microwave.

Look: I love the look of this pump! It’s so cute and the green is very pretty. I don’t mind having this pump out on show. The bottles, too, are very cute!

Noise: The MAM Manual Breast Pump is very quiet! No squeaking or anything!

Storage: Because the bottoms of the bottles come off, you can store teats and lids inside the bottles and that saves so much space in my cupboards! I’m very happy about that!

A Mum Reviews MAM Manual Breast Pump Review
Storing teats and lids inside the bottle to the left.


Price: Currently £29.99 from or £38.00 from the MAM online shop. There’s a MAM breastfeeding set available from the MAM online shop at half price at the moment (£38.50) and this set contains lots of extra items including more bottles, nipple shields, tongs, breast pads and storage pots as well as the pump. I think this pump is very reasonably priced and the breastfeeding set is a bargain at half price.

MAM Manual Breast Pump ReviewOther comments: The pump has only got 4 parts which makes it really easy to put together. The actual handle/pump mechanism can’t be put in a steam steriliser but that is fine with me, since no milk goes in that bit anyway.  I’ve only been testing this pump for about a week and will come back with an update if I have any more comments regarding the quality and longevity of the product. So far, so good!

A Mum Reviews MAM Manual Breast Pump Review
Only 4 pieces to keep track of!


Verdict: Out of the four big brand pumps I have tried, the MAM Manual Breast Pump is my favourite. It simply works better and more efficiently, which saves me time and energy  very important for busy and tired mums!

I was sent the pump in exchange for this review. I bought the extra fast flow teats with my own money so that I would have enough fast flow teats to go with the extra MAM bottles. All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always, my reviews are 100% honest.


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