Are cheap pregnancy tests any good?

Are cheap pregnancy tests any good? A Mum Reviews

Are cheap pregnancy tests any good?

Pregnancy tests come in many different price ranges with the cheapest I’ve found being only £1 for a pack of 2 and the most expensive £8.50 for just 1! If you are trying to get pregnant you might have to buy a few before you get your positive result and this can end up costing quite a bit if you choose an expensive brand like Clearblue. So, are cheap pregnancy tests any good?

The answer is YES! They work in exactly the same way as the expensive ones: they test for a hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is produced right after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus in other words: when you get pregnant. The cheapest ones are strips that you dip in your urine sample and the more expensive ones are pretty much the same but have a plastic casing and sometimes you pee straight on them.

Cheap ones and expensive ones are equally accurate: over 99% and that is the same as the ones you can get at the doctor’s.

When I was trying for a baby I used Freedom Pregnancy Tests (£1 for 2) that you can buy in ASDA. They worked, as expected. I used both, one on the first day of my missed period and it showed two faint lines and then another one a few days later and then the lines were strong and clear. I didn’t need to do another test with the GP because the ones from the shops are just as good now.

You can get Clearblue Pregnancy Tests for over 10 times as much, but since they do exactly the same thing as the cheap ones, I recommend you save that money and spend it on something else. Baby clothes, perhaps? Way more fun!

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