Choosing the Right Floors for Your Family

Choosing the Right Floors for Your Family

Choosing the Right Floors for Your Family

Whether you’re conducting a full-scale renovation or you’re updating your space ready for spring, your choice of flooring can make a huge difference to the way your home feels and looks. When you run a busy household, however, finding the perfect floor for every member of your family to enjoy can feel like a real challenge. Read on to find out more about the best type of flooring for you and your family’s needs.

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  • Hardwood – best for high traffic areas

Hardwood flooring is one of the very best investments you can make for your home; high-quality wooden floorboards are sustainable, look great in any room you lay them in, and will even help boost the sale value of your home in the future. Because they’re incredibly durable, hardwood floors are a great way to add some sturdiness to your family home, but work particularly well in hallways and other high traffic areas that see a lot of little feet going back and forth. Hardwood flooring adds greatly to the aesthetic appeal of your home too, with a wide range of grains, colours and finishes available to give your home a truly tailored feel.

  • Vinyl – best for potential spills

If you have children, you’ll know how easily – and how often – spillages can happen. One way to keep your home clean and stain-free is with vinyl flooring. A more sustainable alternative to hardwood floorboards, vinyl flooring is laminated to prevent long-lasting liquid damage to your floorboards. This makes them the perfect choice for hectic households who want to balance the stunning look and feel of hardwood floorboards with easy cleaning, and little maintenance.

Interior Details: Demand for Vinyl Flooring on the Rise A Mum Reviews
  • Carpet – best for keeping cosy

Soft and comfortable, carpeted flooring has a whole host of benefits for your family home. As carpets are usually more inexpensive than other types of flooring, this can be a great option for rooms that you’re planning on renovating regularly, or for larger areas within your home. Carpets also work well to keep the heat in, helping yours and your children’s bedrooms feel warm and cosy – and with a wide range of piles and colours on offer, you can make your home feel fully unique. However, if you have pets, it’s important to consider the durability of your flooring choice, especially for cats who like to use your brand new carpets as their new favourite scratching post. 

  • Rubber – best for toddlers

If you’re looking for flooring that will see your little ones safely through playtime, rubber boards are the way forward. The perfect choice for nurseries or playrooms, rubber floorboards are great for avoiding bumps and scrapes and can make your home feel more child-friendly in the long run as well. Rubber doesn’t scuff easily and can withstand a lot of weight and movement. However, it should be noted that this type of flooring is more susceptible to tears from sharp objects, so it’s best to keep any playful pets with sharp claws away from your playroom.

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  • Tiles – best for bathrooms and kitchens

A great choice for areas with taps in easy reach, tiled floors are a great choice to prevent any water damage in your kitchens and bathrooms. Easily mopped and swept, tiles are a low maintenance option, too, helping you to run your home hassle-free without any strenuous cleaning. Because tiles are made sustainably and will last in your home for decades if looked after, they’re a great way to start building more eco-friendly practices into your household.

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