#ClothNappyMonday – Cloth Nappy Liners Make All the Difference!

#ClothNappyMonday – The Liners Make All the Difference! A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – Cloth Nappy Liners Make All the Difference!

The worst bit about any nappy changes, whether your baby is in cloth nappies or not, is to deal with the poo. Cloth nappies keep number twos contained much better and it seems like you don’t get any poo explosions with cloth nappies at all. The smell is contained much better too which is good too, of course!

One of the things I want to avoid when using cloth nappies is worrying about poo getting in the nappies and staining them all the time and the best way to avoid this is to use a liner in each nappy. The liner hopefully catches the poo and makes it very easy to dispose of it into the toilet or the bin all while protecting the nappy and minimising the risk of stains. Most stains do wash out and fade quickly in the sunshine if line dried but I want to make things as easy as possible!

When I first built our stash of cloth nappies, I bought two rolls of biodegradable liners but I found that they weren’t as reliable as I needed them to be. They easily scrunch up in the nappy and don’t stay in place when a bit wet which means they don’t do the job and catch the poo well. They’re fine if not on for very long but babies/toddler often do a wee and wet the liner before having a poo. #ClothNappyMonday – The Liners Make All the Difference! A Mum Reviews

I bought a Little Lamb Microfibre Nappy from PlushPants.co.uk and it came with a washable liner that I absolutely love! I reached for it every time it was available and I’ve now bought a bunch more they’re available in packs of ten here.

I use these instead of the biodegradable ones and they work so well! They are really soft and lovely and they catch poo brilliantly, making it really easy to put it into the toilet. Nothing sticks to them! They’re made from ultra-soft microfleece which also keeps pee away from your baby’s bottom, keeping it nice and dry. They wash really well, don’t stain and dry quickly. They stay nice and soft wash after wash too. They’re definitely one of the best cloth nappy products that I’ve bought as they make such a big difference to how easy it is to use cloth nappies. #ClothNappyMonday – The Liners Make All the Difference! A Mum Reviews

The Little Lamb fleecy liners are available from eBay here for £8.00 (free delivery), straight from Little Lamb for £8.00, from TheNappyLady for £6.00 and from FillYourPants for £6.95 for a pack of 10 which is great! They come in two sizes  newborn to 9 months and 9 months to potty training. We have the larger size and they’re perfect for our pocket nappies and AIOs. Bambino Mio Miosolo Review | AIO Cloth Nappy | #ClothNappyMonday A Mum Reviews


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