Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic Toothpaste Review

a mum reviews colgate one max white optic review

Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic Toothpaste

I was very excited when I got the chance to try the new Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic Toothpaste*.

Unfortunately I was very disappointed. This toothpaste does make your teeth look whiter temporarily by containing blue “optic brighteners” that turn your teeth and gums slightly blue and therefore your teeth look slightly whiter for a while. It also turns your toothbrush and your sink blue and the little bits in the paste really stick to the porcelain of the sink. Not very pleasant and it’s annoying to have to clean your sink every morning and evening after each use of this toothpaste.

I’m not happy with this toothpaste. I want a product that makes my teeth whiter not one that makes them look whiter temporarily. It’s very expensive too, retailing in Boots for a whopping £4.49 for 75ml.

*I was sent this for free in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of answering a questionnaire about the product.


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