Can Teeth Whitening Look Natural?

Can Teeth Whitening Look Natural?

Can Teeth Whitening Look Natural?

Have you looked in the mirror and thought your teeth look yellow or discoloured and are unsure what to do about it? Maybe you’ve tried home teeth whitening kits or whitening toothpaste and haven’t seen the improvement you were hoping for. Or maybe you just don’t want to risk wasting money on products that will not make much of a difference?

And, if after seeing photos of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Zac Effron, you are worried professional teeth whitening will leave you with impossibly white teeth, then we have some good news. It is possible to achieve a whiter smile that doesn’t look like you have had your teeth bleached.

Natural-looking teeth whitening treatment is the newest trend, with many people wanting to avoid the overly white look. Going for a more subtle white can also help to reduce the potential damage that bleaching teeth can cause.

Teeth Whitening vs Scaling and Polishing

Teeth whitening with bleach is effective and can transform your smile. But before you rush to get bargain teeth whitening treatment, when was the last time you went to the dentist? If it has been longer than six months, you might find a scale and polish will get your teeth to the natural shade of white you’re after.

Normally performed by a dental hygienist, a scale and polish is an intensive clean. Not only will it improve the health of your teeth and gums, but it is also an effective way to get whiter teeth without bleach. The first part of this process involves scraping plaque and tartar off your teeth and from below your gum line. Then your teeth are polished to help remove any stains, giving you brighter, whiter-looking teeth.

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Teeth Whitening with a Dentist

Before your teeth are whitened, your dentist should advise you of any risks and explain the process. There are various ways to whiten teeth. One method — often referred to as laser whitening — is performed in just one dental visit. Another method is whitening trays, custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. Your dentist supplies the products and you bleach your teeth at home. A lot of dentists use trusted brands like 360 whitening.

Finding the best cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth can be daunting and prices vary considerably. Teeth whitening in London, for example, is likely to be more expensive than teeth whitening in Bournemouth or other towns.

Dentists will also offer different packages. Typically the price of the package only includes the teeth whitening procedure or making your whitening trays. However, some cosmetic dentists will include stain removal prior to whitening, which can help them to achieve superior results. Always ask what is included in the price when you make an inquiry.

Tempted to save money by going to a beauty salon or aesthetic clinic? Here are the top five reasons why you should visit the dentist for teeth whitening London:

  1. At a dental clinic, your treatment will be provided by a registered dental professional with the expertise and knowledge to ensure you get the best results.
  2. Plaque around the gums can lead to gum disease. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned for over six months, there is a possibility of plaque build-up that needs to be removed by a dentist.
  3. You may only need a scale and polish to achieve the shade of white you want.
  4. The mouthguard provided with home whitening kits rarely fits properly, which means bleach can leak and cause gum and soft tissue damage. The percentage of bleach is also too low for it to be very effective.
  5. It is illegal for unqualified people in beauty and aesthetic clinics to provide teeth whitening.
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  • Will teeth whitening work on a dead tooth?

Standard teeth whitening treatments only whiten the outer surface of teeth. This means a dead tooth will not respond as the discolouration is inside. However, your dentist might be able to provide internal bleaching for a dead tooth or teeth. This process lightens the tooth from the inside out.

  • Will teeth whitening work on crowns?

Teeth whitening will not alter the colour of a crown. If you want your teeth whiter than the shade of your crown, you will need to have a new crown fitted to match the shade of your teeth following your whitening treatment. Don’t worry, there are lots of excellent dentist options if you need new crowns London.

  • Can teeth whitening damage gums?

When bleach comes in contact with your gum, it can cause irritation and if it gets onto your gums, they may turn white. However, this is temporary and the gum tissue will normally heal within 48 to 72 hours and then return to a normal colour.

  • Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

When teeth whitening is performed on damaged teeth — or too often — it can damage teeth and erode enamel. However, research indicates teeth whitening is safe if done correctly and with sufficient intervals between treatments. 

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