Designing the Perfect Home in Singapore

Designing the Perfect Home in Singapore

Designing the Perfect Home in Singapore

I’ve always marveled at those grand mansions they showed in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, supposedly set in Tyersall Park, Singapore. Although we find out through interviews that the actual sets used are located in Malaysia instead, I couldn’t help but come up with designs for the perfect dream home in Singapore just like in the movie.

Not all of us would have the opportunity to live in as grand a mansion as the Youngs did in the movie, but building a dream home in Singapore can be a reality for many Singaporeans looking to design and build in Singapore with the proper contractors.


Why Singapore?

Air Quality

Singapore has the best air quality as compared to the rest of the Asian countries. The country maintains a blend of natural and urban, bringing a better air circulation around the cities. The National Environment Agency of Singapore has made efforts to lower air pollution with strict vehicle standards when it comes to particulate matter.


Singapore is known for having some of the best schools and universities in the world, making it a desirable destination for families considering removals to Singapore. Families with children of all ages can rest assured that their kids will receive top quality education in some of the best schools in Asia, which is all parent’s dream!

Scenery and Attractions

Singapore has a blend of natural sceneries, and urban settings. The Changi International Airport is one of the world’s best marvels, and adults and kids alike would have fun exploring the Singapore Zoo, Gardens By the Bay, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird Park. Imagine taking your family out for a wildlife-filled family day!

Singapore also has beautiful boardwalks that combine land and sea, with the Singapore Eye overlooking the horizon. These attractions are perfect for those local weekend getaways.

Designing the Perfect Home in Singapore

Building the Dream Home

Singaporean Home Design

The average Singaporean home boasts a very modern design that makes use of a lot of natural and industrial elements – just the kind of design I love! Singaporeans make use of technological advancements in their home appliances, as most families work full-time. These devices help make chores more convenient for the whole household.

My perfect home would continue to have that blend of nature and urban, maybe a mixture of varnished wood and concrete. Natural elements just feel so much lighter and brighter when they accent a home. Singapore doesn’t get snow, so verandas, balconies, and rooftop gardens are perfect additions to make my dream home feel more freeing!


Different cities around Singapore have different specialties and sceneries (as well as different price points!). While you can virtually live in any residential district, the most movie-esque locations would be around large areas where landed properties can be built, like Bukit Timah, or near the Singapore Botanic Gardens like Cluny Hill.

These locations offer the best mix of nature and modernity, giving you those Crazy Rich Asians vibes of the Youngs or the Gohs! Majority of these locations are aristocratic, although you can also find proper apartment housing in most areas of Singapore.

Space Requirements

Due to limited land, properties in Singapore are mostly made up of condominiums and apartment complexes, which I find much easier to maintain. While you may not find those estate-type properties so easily, landed properties around Singapore are still pretty common, especially for the upper-class families.

Costs, however, are different stories. Properties in Singapore are relatively expensive. Fees, permits, and construction alone will put a dent in your wallet. However, with the right partners and the right contractors, you’ll be able to find the most cost-effective home in no time.

Turn the Dream into Reality

Thinking about your dream home is always fun, as you get to design your perfect home without worrying about the costs or permits. Turning that dream into reality, however, is a much more challenging feat. Building a home in Singapore is not impossible, as there are reputable contractors who can handle the entire building process for you in the most convenient way!

Thankfully, contractors are there to deal with the paperwork (and the headaches) of building a new home or making renovations. Singapore has strict regulations on building codes, as well as what can and cannot be built in certain areas.

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