Drug Free Ways to Beat Pain

Drug Free Ways to Beat Pain A Mum Reviews

Drug Free Ways to Beat Pain

For many people, pain is a part of life. Muscle tension and muscle pains can have lots of different causes and it’s easy to reach for pain killers to try to get them to go away. I find that they rarely help with my kind of pains and that alternative and drug free options give me better results.

I don’t have loads of pain in my everyday life but I do get muscular ache from sitting in ways that are not the most ergonomic whether I’m working, breastfeeding my baby or relaxing on the sofa. Sometimes, what’s comfortable is not the best for you! My second baby is also really heavy so I get pains and aches when I carry her too much which is what I have to do some days. Other things that impact my body and cause muscular pain are pushing the pram when it’s full of shopping (and my baby!) and sleeping in awkward positions.

Drug free options are my preferred way to treat any aches and pains and here are some of my favourite ways:

  • Massage

This is probably the best way to soothe and relax tense muscles. If you can afford it and have the time, a professional massage therapist will be able to do the best job but a back rub from your partner can be great too. You can also get a massage cushion if you want to be able to have massages any time.Drug Free Ways to Beat Pain A Mum Reviews

  • Heat

Heat is great at reducing pains and works by increasing blood flow. I love using a hot water bottle for cramps and heat patches like these ones from Deep Heat Muscle Rescue on sore shoulders when I need to keep moving. They also make a Neck & Shoulder Cream to ease everyday stresses and muscular tension. If you have time to sit still and relax, you can get wheat cushions that are shaped to go over your neck and shoulders. I find that wheat cushion keep their heat for quite a long time and are easy to rewarm when needed. This fox wheat cushion is very adorable too.Drug Free Ways to Beat Pain A Mum Reviews

  • Water

Relaxing in hot water combines heat with weightlessness and is therefore very good for tense muscles. I love a hot bath any day but especially when I feel tense. To make it even better, you can add a relaxing bath milk like the Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak.Drug Free Ways to Beat Pain A Mum Reviews

  • Stretching

I’m not very into fitness and exercise but do feel the benefits of some light stretches when I’ve got sore shoulders or back ache. I don’t have any specific moves that I do I just stretch my body and do what feels needed. Sometimes, just laying flat on the floor works wonders for me. I remember doing this when I was younger and my sisters laughing at me but it really works.

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