Dyeing To Be Vegan – Where to Find Vegan Hair Dyes

Dyeing To Be Vegan

Dyeing To Be Vegan – Dyeing To Be Vegan – Where to Find Vegan Hair Dyes

Vegan is in – and not only in our diet. The vegan trend is spreading throughout our lives. Many of us are doing without animal products in our diet and trying to avoid them in all areas of life. Now that vegan clothing and natural vegan cosmetics are a thing, it’s hardly a surprise that the option of vegan hair products and vegan hair dye should pop up. Plant-based hair dyes don’t contain animal ingredients and are usually “cruelty-free”,, i.e. produced without animal testing. Here’s a run-down on how vegan, cruelty-free hair colour works.

  • Natural Hair Dyes Are Nothing New

Natural hair dyes have a long tradition: over 5,000 years ago, women in Egypt dyed their hair with henna hair dye and indigo. Using Henna, they achieved a brown-black tone and often got a cold blue-black tone using indigo. Henna and indigo, along with various herbs, plants and fruits, are still the main components of natural hair dyes today.

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  • No Animal Testing

It goes without saying that the best vegan hair dyes are those that don’t contain any ingredients produced by or from animals. Companies also produce them without animal testing, but the label “vegan” does not include a guarantee of this. Only the label “animal-free” guarantees that a product was developed without animal testing. Most vegan hair dyes manufacturing companies include this label and thus do not support animal testing.

Crazy Color is the leading vegan, cruelty-free hair product company in the UK, and they’re taking on the world. Crazy Color pioneered cruelty-free products when animal welfare was hardly a public concern. It’s a very interesting eco-conscious company that’s entirely against animal testing and animal products.

According to Crazy Color, animals needn’t suffer for beautiful hair, and many of the natural ingredients are purer than their animal alternatives.

“In addition to caring about the animals,” says Crazy Colour, “another benefit of using vegan-friendly hair dye is that they contain natural ingredients. This means that you will cause less overall damage to your hair during the colouring process. Our full range is packed with natural ingredients to help nourish and hydrate your hair.”

Dyeing To Be Vegan
  • Delicate Yet Effective

Every time we use vegan hair dye, we know our hair isn’t damaged. The pigment in vegan hair dyes wraps around each hair like a film. On the other hand, conventional hair colour colours from the inside: the outer cuticle layer of the individual hairs are broken up by the chemical ingredients so that the artificial colour pigments can penetrate the hair and be deposited there.

This process stresses the hair, making it dry, brittle and fragile in the long run. If you dye your hair regularly with conventional hair colour, intensive care is necessary to protect it, particularly from hair breakage or even hair loss. Beyond the ethical considerations, avoiding hair damage is really where vegan natural hair dyes really come into their own.

  • Which plants can colour your hair?

Henna, indigo, cassia, walnut shells, madder, camomile and other herbs, plants and fruits are excellent colouring components for hair. These natural colour pigments form a glaze around the hair shaft and bind with the outer cuticle. The hair gets a refreshing colour and achieves a shine, structure, and grip without artificial chemicals.

Dyeing To Be Vegan
  • Who is vegan hair dye suitable for?

This hair dye is great if you want to colour your hair gently and without chemicals in an environmentally friendly way. Similar to conventional dyes, there are tints and permanent colourings. Dark to light blond, fine hair is particularly suitable as a base, as it optimally absorbs the colour pigments. But even for darker hair colours, numerous products refresh the colour and provide radiant shine. Even if you have used chemical products for years, switching to vegan hair colour is no problem.

  • Recommended H2: How long does plant-based hair colour last?

Vegan hair colours last about 15 hair washes. They can produce vibrant colours that would amaze some of us who think natural ingredients are likely to be rather subdued in colour. Science has come a long way in using vegan alternatives and what they can achieve in terms of brilliant colour is rather impressive. Achieving these fantastic results whilst keeping a clear conscience on animal rights is tempting.

  • Ethical Alternatives That Work

So, whether you prefer an all-natural vegan hair dye or a semi-permanent colour, there are vegan hair dye brands for everyone. Buying vegan and cruelty-free hair products also lessens the demand for conventional animal-tested ones. The ethical alternatives are out there, and they seem to work just fine. Maybe it’s time to go vegan or dye trying!

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