Flash Liquid Gel All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Review

a mum reviews flash lemon concentrated review

I’ve been trying out Flash Liquid Gel All Purpose Cleaner Lemon for a few months now. It’s an all purpose cleaner suitable for most surfaces in the house. You can use it undiluted for really tough dirt (I use it like that on the hob or when cleaning the sinks) or diluted in water for worktops or floors, for example.

I love that it is so concentrated and the bottle is so small and handy. It doesn’t take up much room at all! I’ve bought another bottle so that I can keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen for quick and easy cleaning.

The cleaning power is very good and cuts through grease very well. The only thing I’d comment on is that the scent is a bit strong when using it undiluted. That just shows how concentrated it is though!

Flash Liquid Gel All Purpose Cleaner Lemon is a great little cleaning gem to have in the house. I think many people agree with me that multi-tasking products are great to save time, money and cupboard space!

The cap is designed so that it stops so that you never pour loads out and accidentally use too much or waste some. Great idea!

I was sent a free kit to try out Flash Liquid Gel All Purpose Cleaner Lemon myself and show the product to friends, family and colleagues and provide opinions on my experience with the product.

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