LEGO Build Ideas For When You Need Some Inspiration

LEGO Build Project Ideas For When You Need Some Inspiration

LEGO Build Ideas for Kids When They Don’t Know What to Build

If your children want to play with LEGO but they are struggling to come up with something to build, don’t worry. There are so many fun LEGO build ideas that you can adapt to the LEGO selection that you have. 

Sometimes children need a bit of guidance and if they don’t know what to build, you can challenge them to one of the below projects.

Make a LEGO Self-Portrait

Use a LEGO bottom plate in any size you wish and get creative building a 2D-self-portrait. This is lots of fun and effectual. Once done, you can display your self-portrait in your home for a while too. 


Build a Favourite Character 

Likewise, you can make a 2D-portrait of a favourite character of yours from films, TV-shows, or books. Or you can also build 3D-versions, of course. Mickey Mouse, Hey Duggee characters, Disney Princesses, Marvel Superheroes, Sonic, etc. 

Build a House out of LEGO

Building houses out of LEGO is always fun! For a creative challenge, you could try to build your own family house out of LEGO and make it as similar as possible. You can even make your family out of LEGO Minifigures! Alternatively, you could build your dream house with all the features that your dream home would have.

Lego Build Project Ideas Halloween Lego Ideas

Seasonal LEGO Build Ideas

For holidays and other seasonal events, it’s fun to make some decorative LEGO builds that fit with the theme. Easter LEGO Builds, Christmas LEGO Builds, Halloween LEGO Builds, Birthday LEGO Builds, etc. This is lots of fun and you can make some amazing LEGO creations using the bricks you already have at home. You can look to Pinterest, Google Images, or YouTube for inspiration.

Lego Unicorn Build Ideas

LEGO Animals

Most kids love animals and have a few favourite animals that they love more than others. You can of course build anything out of LEGO bricks and animals make a fun challenge for children. Unicorns, dragons, and other fairy tale creatures are fun too!

LEGO Dream Car

A classic thing to build out of LEGO is cars! Go extravagant and build your LEGO dream car with a cool design and lots of special features. 

Lego Name Sign LEGO Build Project Ideas for Kids When They Don’t Know What to Build

Make a LEGO Sign for Your Room

Another nice 2D-project is to build a sign for your room. Choose any sized base plate and make a sign with your name or a short message that you can display in your room.

Yummy LEGO Treats

Next, you can build delicious treats out of LEGO – LEGO cakes, chocolates, ice creams, etc. This is a fun project that can keep children busy for a long time while they’re setting up a selection of treats. You can choose to do healthy things like fruit and vegetables instead of course.

Use LEGO Resources for More LEGO Build Project Ideas Cat and Mouse Halloween Build

Use LEGO Resources for More LEGO Build Ideas

If you need further ideas, there are some excellent resources to use to help you choose a LEGO project. There are lots of great LEGO books full of ideas, of course, but also free online tools. There are apps that you can use to scan your bricks and that then provide you with build ideas based on the bricks that you actually have. This can be very useful, especially if you don’t have loads of LEGO. 

You can also access lots of the LEGO building instructions on the LEGO website to follow building instructions without having to buy new sets. This is especially great if you DO have lots of LEGO bricks already. You don’t have to have every single piece – you can swap for a different colour or find something similar and get a nearly identical result without having to spend money on a new LEGO set each time you see a cool set. Above, you can see my version of the LEGO Halloween Cat & Mouse 40570 Set using just bricks we already had at home.

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