How To Teach Your Kid To Use Sewing Machines

How To Teach Your Kid To Use Sewing Machines A Mum Reviews

How To Teach Your Kid To Use Sewing Machines

Sewing is an important life skill. It will allow you to mend your clothes, or even create your own designs. For this reason, many parents try to teach their children how to use sewing machines. But what’s the best way to pass these skills on? If you try giving them a sewing machine, without the right instruction, they will just become overwhelmed and might give up. To prevent this, let’s look at some of the best ways you can pass on the joy of sewing to your children.

  • Teach Them To Hand-Sew First

Before you purchase a machine, you might want to teach your children how to hand-sew. This is often easier than teaching them on a machine and will allow them to learn the basics of sewing. When doing this, you might want to make sure that they are using a large needle, to make sure that they don’t accidentally prick themselves. When they are first starting out, you want to watch them closely. This will allow you to provide encouragement and help them if they get stuck. Once they are confident hand-sewing, they can move onto a machine.

  • Choose A Project That Interests Them

It’s also important that you choose a project that will interest them. When they are starting out, try to avoid anything too complex. Try to stick to something that can be completed in less than four hours. To get the best results, you might want to pick out multiple patterns. Then, allow your child to pick which one they want to make. By doing this, they will feel more ownership over the project, making them want to finish it.

How To Teach Your Kid To Use Sewing Machines A Mum Reviews

  • Go Slow

Once you have selected the right pattern, you will need to explain how the sewing machine works. When doing this, make sure to go slowly. Remember this is the first time that your children will have used this device. Take the time to answer any questions that they may have. To avoid overwhelming them, you might want to only tell them about the functions they will need to know. As they move on to more advanced projects, you will be able to introduce these functions. You might want to get them used to operating the machine before they start to sew anything. For example, they might want to get used to controlling the speed of the needle, and the way that you will need to move the fabric through the machine. Once they have mastered the basics, they can begin sewing with thread. You can learn about different types of stitches online from websites like justcraftingaround.

  • Teach Them How To Set-Up The Machine

The next step is to make sure that they are confident in setting up the machine. To do this, you might want to get them used to the process of threading the machine. You might also want to get them to practice on paper at first. This will be easier to manipulate than fabric. While they might start with straight lines, you also need to teach them how to sew at an angle. To do this, draw a curved line on the paper and have them sew over it. You might also want to draw sharp triangular curves, to help them further practice this skill. Once they are confident with this, they will be ready to start making projects. You might want to supervise during the first few sessions, to make sure that everything has been done properly.

  • Get A Kid’s Sewing Machine

While you can put them straight onto an adult machine, this isn’t recommended. Because these devices can be very complex, you risk your child become frustrated. Once this happens, it is unlikely that they will want to continue learning how to sew. If this is the case, pressuring them to keep going can make it the situation even worse. To prevent this, you might want to start them on a kid’s sewing machine. These have been designed to get them used to use a sewing machine, without making them feel overwhelmed. By doing this, they will be able to grow their confidence.

How To Teach Your Kid To Use Sewing Machines A Mum Reviews

  • Choosing The Right Machine

It’s also important that you choose the right machine to teach them on. There is a range of sewing machines available for you to consider. Let’s look at some of the qualities a good machine should possess. First, you should make sure to look for something that will be easier for them to use. For example, it should be designed to be used by their smaller hands. You might also want to choose something that has an attractive design. This will make them more excited to learn how to use it. You should also make sure that you are purchasing something that has been designed to last for a long time. Sadly, some machines have been cheaply made, meaning that they are more likely to break down. You might also want to consider the price. As they will likely grow out of this machine, you might not want to spend thousands of dollars purchasing this model. If you want more advice, make sure to visit these excellent tips on choosing a sewing machine for kids.

  • Slowly Start To Make The Projects More Complex

As their skills grow, you might want to increase the complexity of the projects. By doing this slowly, they will be able to advance at a natural pace. As always, make sure that they are making things that interest them. As they start to become more proficient, you might want to consider upgrading the sewing machine, to add in more functionality. By doing this, they will learn to develop a passion for sewing, making them likely to continue this exciting passion as an adult.


Sewing is both a useful and greatly enjoyable, hobby. However, it can be a slightly difficult skill for beginners to acquire. Hopefully, you will be able to use these tips to teach your child how to sew. So, buy them a child’s sewing machine and introduce them to the joy that sewing can provide.

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