Friend Feeling Low? Try These Ideas To Cheer Them Up


Friend Feeling Low? Try These Ideas To Cheer Them Up

It happens. Everyone feels a bit low or down from time to time. It might have happened to someone you love or someone you’re close to. Well there are things you can do to cheer them up. The issue is that what cheers someone up might not work for another. You need to cater what you do for each person. It’s been a tough year and some people have got a lot to be sad about. Perhaps its ill health, loss of a loved one or loss of work. Try to bear in mind that they might be going through things you’ve got no experience of. Moreover, if they’re in a real bad place anything you do might not help, instead, they may need a healthcare professional. 

Friend Feeling Low? Try These Ideas To Cheer Them Up
  • Pop Over and Make The Effort

Sometimes on their part simply knowing that someone is thinking of them is super effective. You can show this by going to see them. Simply knock their door and ask how they’re doing. You might want to take something with you like valentine’s flowers or a bottle of wine to have an even better effect. Sometimes just having a chat makes all the difference. Be careful to listen to what they have to say. Them just being able to get stuff off their chest will make the world or difference, provided they’re wanting to speak. Sometimes you should just pop over without calling first, it might be just what they need but you have to make that call depending on the individual situation.

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  • New Scenery Works Well

Get them out of their house. This might just be to go for a walk in your local area. Places they haven’t been for a while. Maybe you can take a drive to somewhere scenic and have a nice walk around. A change of scenery can work wonders on bringing the mood up a little. The issue at the moment is with coronavirus. Depending on where you live there may be some rules against this but just do what you can to your best ability and they’ll surely thank you.

Friend Feeling Low? Try These Ideas To Cheer Them Up
  • Help Them Get Into A New Hobby

The mind is a brilliant thing but if someone is down and they’re focusing on the negative it can quickly become a curse. Give them something different to think about. A new hobby perhaps, or maybe you can help them rekindle an old one. A great way to do this is take part with them. It might be grabbing a console off Amazon so you can play games together. Or it might be getting involved in team sports with them or maybe attacking their garden together. Hobbies are sometimes better when shared with others, so if you really want to help them out get involved as best you can. Finding a new hobby can be harder because you need to help them find something they enjoy. Here, try to bring them into your own hobbies or other friends. It at least gives them something to focus on and do.

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