Funny and Original Shirt Ideas for Your Children

Funny and Original Shirt Ideas for Your Children

Funny and Original Shirt Ideas for Your Children

Children love colorful and bright graphics that bring a smile to their faces. Instead of buying boring shirts from the store, you can create clothes for your kids right in front of them. Designing clothes with your children is sure to be exciting and fun. You can also surprise them with t-shirts for birthdays, holidays, and as a reward for good behavior. Choose fun designs for your kids’ custom shirt. Here are some great ideas:

  • Funny Slogans

Put a clever and witty slogan on your child’s shirt that’s appropriate for their age and funny or go for something inspirational. You can design the font, the size of the letters, and the colors and upload it directly onto the shirt’s fabric. The t-shirt can have a full sentence or just a few short words, making it eye-catching for onlookers.

Funny and Original Shirt Ideas for Your Children
  • Animals and Dinosaurs

Kids love animals and dinosaurs, and you can create this for them from scratch. Add your child’s favorite animals to their t-shirts by designing either the face or the entire body as a graphic image onto your child’s t-shirt. Alternatively, you can create a t-shirt with animal prints, such as a dog’s paw prints or claw scratches. You can also make a t-shirt with just the pattern of an animal’s fur, such as tiger stripes or leopard prints. If your child has a favorite dinosaur, you can add the graphic image to the t-shirt in bright green, blue, orange, or purple colors.

  • Colorful Patterns

If your child loves fun and joyful colors and shapes, you can design any kind of pattern that they enjoy. You can help your child choose from popular patterns, such as stars, flowers, or smiley faces. Another approach is to create a pattern that you and your child create. You can also take a white t-shirt and transform it using fabric dye – all kids look cool in a rainbow tie dye top!

Funny and Original Shirt Ideas for Your Children
  • Hand-Drawn Designs

To surprise your child, you can upload their favorite drawings and paintings onto a t-shirt. Your child can sport sketches they made themselves and feel proud. You and your child can also use your combined imagination to design brand-new looks and upload these images to their new t-shirt.

  • Mix and Match

If your child has shoes or a hat that doesn’t match anything in their wardrobe, you can add t-shirts with the same color. You can also expand an empty wardrobe by adding t-shirts that they can mix and match with current wardrobe items.

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  • Replace Favorite T-shirts

After a t-shirt becomes worn out or has too many holes, you can replace it with a brand new custom-designed one. If a t-shirt becomes too worn and dingy over time, you can upload the exact same or similar design and give them a brand new shirt with more vibrant colors. Children often outgrow their clothes as well, so instead of them losing a shirt they loved, you can remake it in a size that fits them.

  • Other Custom Outfit Ideas for Children

Shirts aren’t the only thing that are popular with children, there are also hats. You can make fun and goofy hats that make your children giggle. Hoodies are also a great way to liven up your child’s wardrobe. You can match a custom-designed hat, hoodie, and t-shirt combination with neon colors and colorful patterns for fun pops of colour.

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