Halloween Gift Guide 2022

Halloween Gift Guide 2022 A Mum Reviews

Halloween Gift Guide 2022

Halloween might not be a typical gifting event but there are many Halloween fans out there and it’s always nice to treat your friends or family members to something they will enjoy. In this blog post, I’ve gathered some fun Halloween gift ideas for people who love the spooky season!

Halloween Gift Guide 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • Halloween Themed Mugs

Autumn is here which means more occasions for enjoying hot beverages whether this is simply more mugs of hot coffee and tea or fancy autumnal drinks such as homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes or hot chocolate topped with generous amounts of whipped cream and marshmallows. You can find a great selection of Halloween themed mugs from giftdelivery.co.uk along with a bunch of other Halloween themed gifts.

Halloween Gift Guide 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • Pumpkin Candles

The word pumpkin is going to be mentioned a lot in this blog post! Candles make great gifts and, for Halloween, look for some cute pumpkin shaped candles (or candle holders) or candles with a Pumpkin Spice scent. Black candles or ones shaped like ghosts are ideal for Halloween too!

  • Halloween Bath Bombs

While on the pumpkin topic, Halloween themed bath bombs and other bath treats make great treats for Halloween. I’ve seen quite a few options available from shops like LUSH and Etsy.

Halloween Gift Guide 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • Delicious Halloween Treats

If you’re good at baking and cooking, some homemade Halloween treats make a lovely gift. You could make spooky spider cookies or other treats shaped and decorated for Halloween or, if jam is your jam, make a batch of Portuguese Pumpkin Jam to share out to your friends and family. If baking or jam making are not your thing, you could put together a Halloween hamper full of delicious Halloween treats from the shop for a fun gift.

  • A Scary Movie

Treat your friend to a trip to the cinema to see the latest scary film as something fun to do for Halloween. You could even go dressed up in Halloween fancy dress to make it even more fun! Or opt for a horror film movie marathon at home with your favourite horror films or some new releases. Cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy some fun and tasty Halloween themed treats (perhaps served in a spooky skull candy bowl?) and drinks. Decorate the room for the night with some of the above mentioned candle ideas.

Create Fun Halloween Looks for Children with Skin Safe Glitter Tattoos from The Glitter Tree A Mum Reviews
  • Halloween Glitter Tattoss

Getting dressed up for Halloween is fun for adults and children. These brilliant Halloween Glitter Tattoos from The Glitter Tree are great quality, easy to use and look great. Choose between lots of different detailed stencils and create fun Halloween looks with the high-quality cosmetic glitter.



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