Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now

 Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now A Mum Reviews

Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now

“But It’s So Tough!” Yup, that’s the brutal truth of it, life is sometimes tough. Unfortunately for many of us the refrain “it’s so tough” becomes an excuse to what we aren’t doing things that would improve our health and the way we feel. But what if you found out that you could do some simple, easy, quick, and hassle free things to boost your health and fitness. Some of which would even make you feel better right now? Well, you actually can, so read on to find out more and to banish “It’s so tough!” from your vocabulary. Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now A Mum Reviews

  • Exercise

One way that you can make yourself feel better right now is to exercise. No, you don’t have to join the gym, clad yourself in Lycra, or even wear a sweatband. In fact, you don’t even need to get changes afterwards. All you need to do is three 20 second intervals with gentle movement in between. This is enough to get you on the way to improving your fitness in the long term, as well as boosting your mood right now. You can read more about the theory here, why not give it a try? It won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now A Mum Reviews

  • Hydrate     

How many glasses of water do you drink a day? Probably not enough if these statistics are anything to go by. Not staying hydrated can cause all sorts of problems like slowed or foggy thinking, false hunger, and tiredness. That is why is vital that you consume you around 8 glasses a day. To do this why not get a bottle that logs how much you have drunk? You can even up your water intake by eating juicy fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, and orange.  As they also taste great, it’s not actually particularly hard to do! Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now A Mum Reviews

  • Diet

There are some foods that you can eat that will improve your mood in the moment. These include popcorn, and cheese, as well as cashews and olive oil. This happens because they contain the nutrients that the body uses to make serotonin. One of the chemicals that boosts mood. So the more you have in your brain, the better you will feel.

Of course, turning to food to feel happy for many people is not always the best idea. As it can become a crutch when they are feeling down, instead of a way to fuel the body. This can lead to weight gain and ultimately issues with obesity. Something that can affect how you feel and your health in a negative way.

If this is something that is a concern for you, and you are struggling to lose weight, then it may be worth considering one of the very low calorie diets on the market. These are designed for folks that have particular trouble shifting the pounds, with the recommended calorie allow under 1000 a day. Just remember you will need your doctor to OK it before you start.

Switching to this sort of diet can help improve your mood in the short term because you get the satisfaction of knowing you are addressing your problems and doing something about them. A VLCD is also a good way to see faster weight loss than with other methods. Meaning you will get the satisfaction of achieving your goals and improving your health and fitness much quicker than you would if you chose another method. Healthy Ways To Improve How You Feel Right Now A Mum Reviews

  • Acceptance

Unfortunately, in this life, there are some things that we cannot change because we do not have control over them. This can be particularly apparent when we fail to get on with someone, or it seems that they don’t like us. It can make us feel bad and be desperate to do something about it.

Obviously, if they are abusive or dangerous in any way you should remove yourself from the situation immediately. However, much of this sort of behaviour is just nastiness, or even perceived rudeness between people.

This can seem very tough because our natural instinct is to dive in and try harder to resolve the issue and improve the situation. But not everyone responds brilliantly to this, in fact, it can sometimes cause more trouble than good. That is why it can be useful to practice acceptance in the moment. Accept the feeling that it creates, and after a while, you will realise that it dissipate on its own. Meaning you don’t have to do anything about it. Thus proving you have the resilience to live your life whether they like you or not.

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