How Laser Hair Removal Can Help You

How Laser Hair Removal Can Help You A Mum Reviews

How Laser Hair Removal Can Help You

Post updated. Previously published on the 25th of October 2018.

Many of us choose to get rid of some of our body hair for various reasons and it can be quite an annoying and time-consuming task! It’s definitely not something that I enjoy. How about you? Are you also tired of dealing with unwanted body hair?

Shaving is a very short-term solution that can leave skin irritated and itchy when the hair grows back, and waxing takes time and is painful. I’ve tried an epilator once and that was even worse!

The solution might be laser hair removal which is a long lasting and pain-free alternative. Visit your local skincare clinic to find out more but I will cover a few of the main benefits and how laser hair removal works in this blog post. There are two option – you can go to a salon for the treatment or you can even consider at-home laser hair removal!

  • Ways Laser Hair Removal Differs from Home Treatments

Laser hair removal differs from home hair removal treatments in several ways. For example, when shaving or waxing you may miss hairs here or there. Lasers target all hairs in a given treatment area with perfect accuracy. They do that by targeting the dark pigment in the hair against the light background of your skin, usually. Although, laser advancements now allow you to have laser treatment in many cases, even if your skin is dark or your hair is light.

Lasers are also different from other home hair removal methods, especially shaving, because they treat whole hairs. Shaving lops off hairs above the surface, much like trimming plants. The entire root system and lower part of each hair stay just out of your sight. That is why the hairs grow back so soon after shaving. When they are removed with lasers, the full hairs come out, increasing regrowth time substantially, meaning you’ll stay smooth for longer.

  • Types of Laser Hair Removal and Related Devices

Not all light-based skincare devices are lasers. For example, intense pulsed light is a popular form of clinical hair removal, too. There are even at-home devices that use that form of light to treat unwanted hair. Some skincare clinics offer both ipl hair-removal equipment and laser devices to treat your unwanted body hair. The lasers are often the strongest and most intense. However, the less strong light treatments may work better for you, if you have complications that may make laser treatment difficult. Your clinician will go over those options with you.

  • Loss and Regrowth of Hair Removed with Lasers

If you are thinking of laser hair removal as an immediate way to zap away unwanted hair, think again. It will not burn off or evaporate at the time of treatment. Instead, the laser device will target the shafts of each hair and the follicles (roots). The treatment will weaken each hair, causing it to eventually fall out. That process may take a while. In fact, you may need multiple laser treatments to see results. That may sound like a disadvantage over traditional treatments like shaving, but the advantage is in the regrowth process.

After hairs are weakened enough with laser treatment, they may take weeks to regrow. Some may take months. After several treatments, it is possible for some hairs to never grow back at all. By increasing the regrowth time, you decrease the time you have to spend on hair removal maintenance techniques. In some cases, the hairs that do grow back will also be finer and less noticeable.

  • Preparing to Have Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you decide to have laser hair removal done, there are some minor preparations you have to make. The most important is to avoid applying anything to your skin before going to your appointment. For example, items like lotions and perfumes are not allowed on your treatment day for two reasons. Firstly, they can make it difficult for the laser to target the hairs. Secondly, the heat the laser emits can interact with the chemicals on your skin, causing burns and blisters. Your clinician will advice you about other steps to take before and after your laser hair removal appointment.

As you can see, laser hair removal treatments can be a long-term solution that will save you time and get you long-lasting results. It’s definitely something worth considering if you too are tired of shaving and waxing. There are even at-home devices that use that form of light to treat unwanted hair.

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