How to Choose Your Child’s First Proper Bed

How to Choose Your Child's First Bed A Mum Reviews

How to Choose Your Child’s First Proper Bed

Choosing your child’s first proper bed can be an exciting time. Until now, your little one has most likely slept in a cot (or perhaps in your bed if you’ve been co-sleeping) but the time has come to move to a bigger bed. In this article we are sharing useful tips that will help you choose your child’s first bed. There are a few things to consider so read on to find out out more.

  • What kind of bed should I get for my child’s first bed?

What kind of bed is best for your home and child will depend on a few things and there are lots of kids beds on the market to explore. If you have the space for a full-sized single bed, then I would always recommend getting that as that will naturally last much longer than a toddler sized bed. Some toddler beds are adaptable though and can be turned into a single bed when your child gets bigger.

Do you need the bed to incorporate storage and help you save space? Then mid sleepers are a great option but they’re best suited for children aged 6 years and above. Perhaps you’re thinking about using bunk beds for your children in a few years’ time – then you can buy a bunk bed set that comes apart and works as individual beds until your children are old enough to sleep in bunk beds. A trundle bed is great if you want to make future sleepovers easy.

Have a look at the different types of children’s beds that are available and think about how they would work in your child’s room and for your child. Think about longevity and practicality as well as how it will look in your kid’s bedroom.

Opt for a sturdy material like solid wood or metal as children’s beds need to be strong. A parent and a child will most likely sit on the bed for story time, you might need to sleep next to your child sometimes when they’re upset and I’m sure that they’ll want to jump on it at some point too! Invest in a well-built bed made of good quality materials that will last you for many years to come.

How to Choose Your Child's First Proper Bed A Mum Reviews
  • What mattress is best for kids?

Once you’ve settled on what bed frame to buy, you need to select a mattress. Check what the manufacturer of the bed frame recommends for your chosen bed frame style and look for one that fits the recommendations. UK and European bed and mattress sizes are different so check the actual measurements in centimeters to make sure you’re buying the correct one.

For any raised children’s beds – like cabin beds, mid sleepers and the upper bunk of a bunk bed – you need a lower mattress height for safety to make sure the child can’t roll out over the bed’s safety rails.

Look for a supportive and comfortable mattress and try it out in store if you can. I recommend going for a mattress that is supportive enough for a parent to lay on too to ensure it’s comfortable for a long time for you growing child and good enough for a parent to sleep on if needed at some point.

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  • What about bedding?

If you’ve opted for a standard single bed, then it will be much easier to find the correct sized bedding. Some kids’ beds are much smaller and require specialist sheets which can be costly. With standard sized beds, you can shop for bedding anywhere. I recommend a full sized single duvet for kids too to keep them warm and offer enough coverage. Toddler duvets can be great but are only used for a very short time before they are too small and too thin. Flat pillows are usually good for young children.

When it comes to materials for the bedding, duvets and pillows, there are a few things to think about. Look for cotton when it comes to sheets and duvet cover sets. For duvets and pillows for your child, look for options that are machine washable at home. Some kids are allergic to fillings made from down and feathers so for them duvets and pillows with synthetic or cotton fillings would be best.

Let your little one help choose a duvet cover for their new bed – it will help them get excited about sleeping in their new big bed! This can help kids settle in their new room too.


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