How to Deal with Pest in and Around Your Home

How to Deal with Pest in and Around Your Home

How to Deal with Pest in and Around Your Home

Pests such as spiders, cockroaches, termites, and ants can lead to costly damage to your property. They are also a health risk to your family and even your pets. Creepy pests like roaches are also aesthetically unimpressive when they crawl around your home. If you are having trouble dealing with pests in and around your home, do not worry. We are here to help! We will give you a few tips and tricks on how to keep these pests away.

  • Keep your Kitchen Clean

Pests love damp and dirty places, especially in the kitchen. They thrive well there. Therefore, keep your kitchen floor, drawers, racks, and countertops sparkling clean. Ensure you clean all the food particles, as they attract pests. Moreover, disinfect your kitchen tops, floors, and drawers regularly. Also, dispose of your kitchen garbage every day as accumulation of garbage can attract pests like rats and rodents.

Kitchen Clean
  • Keep your Bathroom Clean

The pest in your house could be breeding in your bathroom. Keeping your bathrooms dry and clean will deter pests. Ensure you clean your toilet bowl daily. Scrub your bathroom floor and tiles, and wash the sink with a bathroom cleaner to get rid of any dirt. Also, ensure your bathroom drainage system works perfectly, as clogging and dirt could attract pests. Ensure your shower curtains are clean and dry. A hygienic bathroom is a no-go zone for pests such as cockroaches.

  • Barricade your Doors 

Barricading your doors will prevent creepy crawlers from entering your house. Fill the gaps on the top and around the sides of your doors. Even the tiniest crack can allow pests to crawl into your house. Moreover, install tight-fitting door sweeps in your exterior doors to prevent the pest from getting into your house.

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  • Seal all the Gaps in your House

The small unsealed gaps in your house are one of the potential ways pests may use to sneak into your home. Other pests, like mice and bugs, love to shelter and reproduce in these small gaps and cracks. Therefore, use caulk or expanding foam insulation to close and shut off the pest from gaining access into your house using these gaps. Moreover, close the vents and cracks in your utility lines, like the gas and telephone, to deny entry to the pests.

  • Contact Professionals in Pest Control

Sometimes pest control can be an uphill battle. Other than the preventive measures, it might also be imperative to seek professional help to fight pest-proof and even deal with a severe infestation. You can hire Terminix pest to help you take care of your pest problems in and around your home. Professional pest control experts are well-trained and equipped to help eliminate pests faster and in the long-term. Getting an expert of pest control in London to your house is really the only solution if the pest problem is just getting worse and worse.

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  • Use Wire Cloches in your Garden

If plants in your garden are vulnerable to pests, you can use wire cloches to protect them. Place the wire cloche above the plants so that the pest does not have easy access to your plants. Wire cloches are readily available and affordable.

  • Use for Coffee Grounds to Keep Off Pests

The coffee grounds in your kitchen are of more help than just making a cup of Joe. They can also help you keep off crawling pests. Pour coffee grounds in areas you suspect pests could use to crawl into your house. The smell of the coffee ground will keep them off as they can’t stand it.

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  • Repair ripped Screen

Protective screens like window screens and mosquito nets provide a protective barrier against the entry of pests. If they are torn or ripped off, they give an entryway to pests. Therefore, repair them to prevent access to pests in your house through them.

  • Eliminate Ant Trails in your House

If you spot an ant crawling into your house, you will see others crawling by. In fact, as ants crawl, they leave a scented trail that other ants use to follow. The trail can attract ants into your house. Immediately you spot an ant, spray the crawling space with a solution of 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water. This will stop the ants from outside from crawling into your house.

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  • Maintain your Garden

The holes and pits in your garden or lawn can harbor water and be the breeding sites of pests. Fill them in to prevent water from accumulating. If you have a water fountain or a pond in your compound, clean it regularly. Moreover, prune the plants around your home to prevent bushy growth, as they could provide a bridge for pests to reach your house. Keep your garden neat to keep off pests like ants, rats, and mosquitos.

Final remarks

Having pests in and around your home can be a menace, and it is best to deal with them immediately. We hope these quick tips we have covered in this article will help you deal with them. Remember to consult pest control professionals for immediate and long-lasting solutions in pest control.

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