How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience

How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience

How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience

Cooking in your kitchen should be a good experience. You shouldn’t dread the next meal, or rejoice when you’ve just finished cooking the current meal. If you’re able to work on a hassle-free kitchen that you customize for yourself, this would greatly make your experience in the kitchen a whole lot better.

How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience
  1. Learn the secret of a kitchen triangle 

Also known as the “golden triangle” or “working triangle,” this theory was developed in the early 20th century. It stated that for an efficient movement in the kitchen, the 3 work areas (for the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator) should form a triangle.

According to the kitchen triangle rule, each side of the triangle should measure at least four feet (but not more than 9 feet) and ideally, the triangle’s perimeter should be at least 13 feet (but not more than 26 feet). You can have just one triangle or multiple triangles in a kitchen.

The point of this rule is to make it easy for the cook, chef, or just anyone moving around the kitchen and to be standing within one’s reach of an appliance or tool he/she needs. 

Even architects and interior designers follow this rule to this day, but like anything else in homemaking, it is absolutely up to you if you want this layout, or if the size of your kitchen can accommodate such a rule. Practically speaking, a triangular space may not be efficient in very small or very large kitchens.

How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience
  1. Invest in good kitchen tools.

Food preparation and cooking will be a LOT harder if the tools you use are just subpar. If you use a knife that isn’t letting you cut through vegetables as quickly as it should, you’re wasting time and probably wouldn’t enjoy the process. 

The following are must-have tools that you shouldn’t scrimp on:

  • Knife and cutting board: Almost every meal begins with the knife and cutting board. Even if you don’t get a knife set, just a single quality knife and a solid cutting board will do just fine. 
  • Pots and pans: Start with a stainless steel skillet, followed by a stockpot, grill pan, and other pots or pans that you’ll likely need. If you don’t have the budget to spend on a set, buy one at a time. It could take you months or years to complete your kitchen’s pots and pans, but they’re less likely to burn your food or cause uneven cooking.
  • Can openers: It is dangerous to open cans by knife or any other way. Invest in a simple but high-quality can opener. Durable ones can last a long time.
  • Vegetable peeler, mandolin, or vegetable slicer: From peeling potatoes to slicing tomatoes and everything in between, this kind of food prep will only be hassle-free if you have the right tools. You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to handheld peelers, box graters, and slicers, but whichever you decide, make sure that the product is well designed and durable. 
How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience
  1. Continue learning kitchen skills 

Learning is easier now thanks to many free resources (books, tutorials, videos, pictures, and other types of digital content), so take advantage of them. 

You can learn culinary basics like knife skills if you’re serious about professional cooking, or slowly get used to the different methods like baking, roasting, dehydrating, bread making, baking, and so much more. 

You can even master preparing and handling different types of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and other ingredients. 

  1. Practice.

Even in the kitchen, you’ll feel awkward or unsure of the procedures if you don’t practice. 

  • RECIPES: When it comes to recipes, follow them exactly at first, then adjust to meet your taste. Master the basic recipes, such as how to make stock, or pasta sauces, gravy, and your other favorite dishes. Experiment with creating your own recipes.
  • COOKING METHODS: When you begin to make bread, there’s a big chance you’ll end up with hard-rock buns or burnt crusts. In time, as you learn how to knead the dough properly, what types of yeast to use, or other secrets of bread making, you’ll slowly be able to bake bread more efficiently. This is also the case with any other cooking methods. Practice makes everything better.

You’ll make mistakes, but to be able to make your experience hassle-free, you have to do the work first.

How to Have a Hassle-Free Kitchen Experience
  1. Buy only high-quality kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances make our cooking and baking so much easier, but it doesn’t mean they’re created equally. When choosing kitchen appliances, go with durable, high-quality ones.

I know it’s hard to pick just one microwave oven, or one stand mixer out of dozens or hundreds, but reviews of kitchen appliances by could help you filter what you need. 

Follow these tips and you’ll make your kitchen experience more enjoyable and not like a chore.

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